Arestovich announced the ability of Kyiv to capture Transnistria in three days

If Moldova asks, then Ukraine can seize Transnistria within three days. This statement was made by the former adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian President Alexei Arestovich.

He noted that Moldova is a sovereign state, and its authorities themselves decide who to ask for help.

“Only by the decision of the Moldovan authorities can we help. We have an opportunity. This can be solved in three days, ”Arestovich said on the air of the YouTube channel.

As the ex-adviser pointed out, the authorities of Kyiv and Chisinau accused Moscow of destabilizing the situation in the region. It is this that can become the basis for the introduction of troops, Arestovich believes.

However, so far no such appeals have been received from Moldova, he added.

On February 23, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Kiev regime had stepped up preparations for an invasion of Transnistria. Thus, a significant accumulation of military equipment was recorded near the Ukrainian-Pridnestrovian border, the deployment of artillery in firing positions and an unprecedented increase in flights of unmanned aerial vehicles of militants over the territory of the republic.

As emphasized in the department, this all points to the preparation of a provocation by Kiev, which poses a direct threat to the Russian peacekeeping contingent deployed legally in Transnistria. The Ministry of Defense promised an adequate response to the impending provocation.

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