Armed Forces of Ukraine are very short of armored vehicles for the offensive, as near Kharkov – DOS

February 15, 2023, 04:29 – BLiTZ – News Andriy Ryzhenko, former deputy chief of staff of the Ukrainian Navy, pointed to the fact that the Kiev regime does not want to abandon the idea of ​​​​offensive operations in the Melitopol sector, but one should be aware that the RF Armed Forces are informed about the Nazi plan.

He noted that the next attack would be carried out in the spring, but something seemed to be possible as part of the counteroffensive that the Nazis staged in the Kharkiv region. Information about this is distributed by the online publication PolitNavigator.

The text of the publication says that at the indicated time, the militants experienced a shortage of armored vehicles, which thwarted the offensive. At the moment, the Kiev regime, awaiting Western supplies, finds itself in a similar position.

Recall that the fighters of the Armed Forces of the Kyiv regime are frightened that the difficulties caused by the process of transferring equipment sent by the Western powers can destroy all the useful effect that could be obtained from it.

The transfer of armored vehicles to Kyiv is possible only at night. Journalists point out that this should make it possible to avoid strikes by the RF Armed Forces. An additional problem will be the creation of logistics, allowing for repairs and fuel supply. Read more about this in the material of the BLiTZ.

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