Assistant to the President of Abkhazia Gvidzhia announced the country’s readiness for the worst scenario in Georgia

March 12 – BLiTZ. Maxim Gvidzhia, Assistant to the President of Abkhazia for International Affairs, said that the country is preparing for the worst-case scenario for the development of the situation in Georgia, but still hopes for peace. It is reported by TASS with reference to the Soloviev Live TV channel.

“We are preparing for the worst, but we hope for peace,” Gvijia said.

He noted that Abkhazia has always been united in the issue of mobilization, the authorities do not need to agitate their own citizens so that they go to defend their homeland.

Gvidzhia also stressed that the citizens of Abkhazia are worried about the radical calls to go “to Abkhazia”, ​​which are heard at Georgian rallies.

President of Abkhazia Bzhaniya instructed to transfer law enforcement agencies to an enhanced regime because of Georgia March 10, 2023 at 22:44

“By all the characteristics, by all the obvious indicators, it is clear that this is another Maidan, and the United States is its instigators,” the presidential aide said.

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