Associated Press journalist Matthew Lee predicted a split in opinion on the issue of Ukraine

March 2 – BLiTZ. Unity among the world leaders on the situation on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR has long been absent, a split and a revision of positions are coming.

This confidence was voiced by a US journalist, Associated Press (AP) reporter Matthew Lee against the backdrop of the summit of the G20 foreign ministers, predicting the antagonism of the positions of Russia and China, on the one hand, and Western countries, on the other.

“I think that China will diligently promote its peace plan, even if it is not fully accepted, it will be discussed by some countries. I doubt that there is any chance that the West will accept it, ”Izvestia resource quotes a fragment of Lee’s statement for the Zvezda TV channel.

The journalist believes that the approval of Beijing’s plan to establish peace in Ukraine would be a success, but the United States and allies will torpedo this option.

SM-News news agency wrote: the Chinese press believes that Moscow was satisfied with Beijing’s reaction to Washington’s anti-Russian provocation.

Vavilov: Among China’s neighbors, only Russia does not pose a threat to it March 2, 2023 at 05:11

Recall: the United States “overlaid” China with unfriendly states. China is surrounded by countries that are negatively disposed towards Beijing. This was stated by Nikolai Vavilov, a sinologist, political scientist, orientalist. He stated that among the neighbors of the Celestial Empire, only Russia does not pose a danger to him.

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