Aurangabad: Interstate gang of thieves busted, five arrested, one absconded with handcuffs


A state in Eastern India: The police of Amba police station in Aurangabad have busted the inter-state gang that carried out the theft incident. On Saturday night, the police arrested six members belonging to the gang of thieves. There is also a minor among them. Six people, including a minor, were arrested in the case. In this, Anil Paswan, Tuna Kumar, resident of Upper Dumri village of police station area, Anand Kumar, resident of Dumri, Subedar Chaudhary, Santosh Paswan, resident of Pilchi village of Daudnagar police station area and a minor are included. The police have recovered the stolen goods from them.

absconding by dodging the police

Arrested Santosh Paswan escaped with handcuffs by dodging the custody of the police. Seeing him running away from the police station premises, the policemen chased him for a long distance. But he could not get hold of it. Even after searching for a long time, the police have not got a clue about him. He is out of the grip of the police till the dialogue is written. The police station chief told that the police are continuously raiding for his arrest. Soon he will be arrested. On the trail of the arrested thieves, the police raided different places and recovered a huge amount of stolen goods.

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Minor juvenile sent to juvenile home

Taking appropriate action in the case, those caught have been sent to judicial custody for remand and the minor has been sent to a juvenile home. During the interrogation of the thieves, the police got many important clues. The arrested thieves have confessed to the police that they had committed thefts at three different places in Dev and four different places in Jharkhand’s Hariharganj market, apart from Viraj Bigha village under Amba police station area.

stolen goods recovered

The police have recovered many stolen goods from the arrested people. The police station chief said that about 320 kg rice, 15 kg mustard, 15 kg pigeon pea and 17 liters of mobil have been recovered from Anil Paswan’s house in eight sacks. At the same time, eight quintals of Arhar, 80 kg wheat, 40 kg lentils and 160 kg mustard were recovered from shopkeeper Anand Sahu’s house. Apart from this, 360 kg rice in nine sacks, 160 kg wheat in four sacks, 40 kg lentils and two sacks of Arhar and three mobile phones were recovered from the house of Tuna Kumar from shopkeeper Subedar Chaudhary’s house.

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Thieves carried out the incident on April 27

Thieves had carried out the theft incident on April 27 last month by breaking the shutter of a Galla shop near Shiwala located in Viraj Bigha village of Amba police station area. In this case, shopkeeper Rupam Kumar, a resident of the said village, had lodged an FIR in the police station by giving an application. After the incident, the police was engaged in the investigation of the case. During the investigation, the police first raided Upper Dumri village and arrested Anil Paswan. On his tip, the police arrested other people and the stolen goods were recovered. The police station chief said that on the tip of the thieves, Galla businessman Anand Sav and Subedar Chaudhary were arrested after the stolen grain was recovered from their shop.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LBfxgIdwGo) t)bihar police success

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