Aurangabad weather: Yellow alert issued for two days regarding heat web, embers are raining from the sky, take these precautions


Aurangabad: There are constant changes in the weather. In such a situation, there is always a need to be alert. According to Agricultural Meteorologist Dr. Anoop Kumar Choubey, due to strong sunlight on Monday and Tuesday, an allo alert has been issued regarding heat wave. There, there is a possibility of drizzle in different parts of the district on Wednesday. However, even after the drizzling rain on Wednesday, the temperature is not expected to decrease. There is a possibility of a slight drop in the temperature on May 18 and 19. In this way, the possibility of disease has increased due to change in weather. The cruel mood of nature is becoming the cause of people’s problems.

Maximum mercury crossed 39.2 degree Celsius

Outbreak of scorching heat is continuing in different areas of the district since one week. Almost since nine o’clock in the morning, embers are raining from the sky. On Sunday, the maximum temperature of the atmosphere crossed 39.2 degree Celsius. In such a situation, the common citizens are helpless. Animals and birds are also seen in tension due to the rays of the sun spewing fire. Here, in order to avoid the havoc of the scorching heat during the day, people are going to their homes before 10 o’clock. At the same time, in the afternoon, there is desolation on the roads. Everywhere in the market only a few people are seen covering their head with a towel and their mouth tied. Those who have marriages in their homes, they are doing market in the morning and evening. By the way, there is little activity in the markets in the evening.

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There is an outcry for water

From the urban market to the rural areas, there is an outcry for water. Even the people of many localities of the district headquarters have returned to their native village after locking their houses. However, the farmers are not refraining from working in the fields even under the scorching sun. It is not that they have the ability to tolerate the temperature of the weather, but it is their compulsion to work in the open sky for the maintenance of their families. Earlier in the third week of April, the minimum temperature of the season had reached 26 degree Celsius. After this the weather remained normal for 15 days, people got relief from the heat. According to the meteorologists, the heat wave will wreak more havoc.

No relief from heat, temperature will increase

It is not that people are going to get relief from the heat. Now 15 days of May and the whole of June are left. Here the temperature is increasing continuously. In this way, on May 25, Rohini Nakshatra is entering the sky. The Meteorological Department has suggested people to be cautious in view of the heat wave. Meteorologist of KVK Siris, Dr. Anoop Kumar Choubey said that according to the weather forecast, the maximum temperature of the atmosphere on May 15 will be 41.6 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature will be 23 degree Celsius. Here, on May 16, the maximum temperature of the weather will be 41.5 degree Celsius and on May 17, the maximum temperature of the weather will be 42.3 degree Celsius. He told that during this time the minimum temperature of the weather is likely to be 22.8 degree Celsius to 25.6 degree Celsius. He told that realizing the importance of agriculture, the farmers should try to finish the work of the farm barn quickly. Principal scientist Vinay Kumar Mandal told that keeping in view the scorching heat, farmers should irrigate hot vegetables and moong crops on time.

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be careful in summer

Medical Officer of Referral Hospital Kutumba, Dr. Nagendra Prasad Sinha told that try to avoid strong sunlight in such weather. If any person feels the effect of heat wave, then immediately contact the doctors in the hospital. He told that taking beverages will be more effective during summer. If you go out in the sun on an empty stomach without a towel on your head, there is a possibility of hit web. He said that consuming ORS solution and lemon water would be more effective during fever.

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