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Australian intelligence looking into the case of ‘Dubai palace insider’

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Australian intelligence looking into the case of ‘Dubai palace insider’

Australian intelligence agencies are already investigating the dubious case of Marcus Essabri, a man who claimed to be a relative of one of the wives of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Muhammed Rashid al Maktoum. It may be mentioned here that, Essabri, a barber by profession is a gay and currently lives in Australia. He was contacted by a fraud named David Haigh and David had fooled an Australian broadcast channel and got Essabri interviewed, where the barber falsely claimed to be a relative of Sheikh Maktoum. In the interview, Marcus Essabri even made a false claim of being possessing a letter from Sheikh Shamsa. But in reality, the entire story is false. Australian broadcast network has stepped into the trap of fraudster David Haigh and not only had been fooled by them but also the broadcast network itself has catered a totally fake content to its viewers, which it has not corrected till now. Writes Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

It is further learnt that few weeks of appearing in the Australian TV channel, Marcus Essabri was trained by David Haigh with details about the Dubai royal palace.

The so-called letter from Sheikha Shamsa to Marcus Essabri is written in English, though Essabri claims to be a relative of the royal family. According to Arab culture, none of the family members would ever write to another relative in English. The letter actually is a creation of David Haigh and Essabri. After creating the letter, David Haigh contacted Jordanian and Qatari embassies in London seeking an appointment with the envoys, saying, he was possessing “strong evidence” against Sheikh Maktoum.

It is further learnt that the claim made by Marcus Essabri of being the relative of one of Sheikh Maktoum’s wives is totally false. In reality, there is no such wife of the Dubai ruler. Instead, Essabri’s mother works as a domestic help at the residence of a Qatari businessman, while she has no sisters.

Meanwhile, after getting confirmed of the murder of Sheikha Latifa, David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen made bids in extorting money from the Dubai authorities by promising of “helping in hiding” this fact from the attention of the global media.

Marcus Essabri, is a barber by profession and also a leader of an organization of gays – named ‘Gay Glos’. Although this site has been shut down following publication of reports in Blitz.

Sir Ian McKellen is the patron of this organization while the trustees are Robin Agascar MBE, Marcus Essabri, Clive Stevens, Maggie Powell, and Ian Vesty. Its office is located at C/O 153 Bristol Road, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4PQ.


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