Avito users were offered to pass verification through Tinkoff ID

Tinkoff and Avito offered users the opportunity to verify their profile in the classifieds mobile application using Tinkoff ID.

According to a Tinkoff press release, the service allows you to confirm the authenticity of a profile using documents in your Avito personal account in a few clicks. After that, the user passes verification and gets access to many functions of the platform.

“Confirmation of documents through Tinkoff ID mutually simplifies communication on Avito for buyers and sellers. For the former, this is confirmation that they are interacting with a real verified counterparty. For the latter, it means increasing confidence in their ads, and as a result, an increase in traffic to them and a high probability of a deal,” Tinkoff noted.

They also explained that the accounts verified through Tinkoff ID are bank customers whose documents and identity were verified by company representatives during a personal meeting.

The Tinkoff ID service is based on a special ML model, whose algorithms analyze the user profile during verification and, depending on the level of risk, automatically apply additional data verification methods.

Anatoly Makeshin, director of payment systems, deputy chairman of the board of Tinkoff, believes that the ability to verify Avito user profiles through Tinkoff ID will help “combat the anonymity of some accounts, as well as fake accounts of non-existent people.” Makeshin also urged users to verify their profiles more often, so ML models will learn from more data, and verification algorithms will become more complex and more efficient.

“All this as a result will help create a new digital environment on marketlexes and classifieds, where users have much more trust in each other, and transactions are made in even more secure conditions,” he stressed.

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