Bada Mangal 2023: Bada Mangal will be miraculous like this, definitely do these measures on this day


Bada Mangal 2023: All Tuesdays of Jyestha month have great importance in Hinduism. These Tuesdays are called Bada Mangal or Budhwa Mangal. On the day of Bada Mangal, Hanuman ji is worshiped with full rituals. Tomorrow i.e. on 23rd May is the third big Mars. Jyeshtha month has started from 5th May this year and Jyeshtha month will end on 4th June. According to astrologers, worshiping Hanuman ji on Tuesday reduces the effect of Mangal Dosha. Along with this, Mars is strong in the horoscope. With the grace of Hanuman ji, the person also gets the desired job.

What is the auspicious time for worship of Bade Mangal

Ardra Nakshatra – May 23 at 12.58 pm

Rahukaal from 03:43 pm to 05:26 pm

Do these measures on Bada Mars

If there is any problem going on in life, then on auspicious day, let lentils flow in flowing water. Along with this, offer vermilion and chola to Hanumanji. By doing this, the problems going on in the house end and auspiciousness remains in life.

If you want progress in your job, then offer betel leaves to Hanuman ji during worship on the day of Bada Mangal. Due to this, chances of progress are made in the workplace. To get rid of all troubles, on this day Hanuman ji should be offered rose flower with Kewda’s perfume.

Bajrangbali gets blessings from this remedy of Bada Mangal

Bada Mangal fast should be observed on Tuesday of Jyeshtha month and Sundarkand and Bajrang Baan should be recited along with Hanumanji’s worship in the morning and evening. By doing this all the troubles go away and by the grace of Hanumanji every wish is fulfilled.

 (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on assumptions.)

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