Bageshwar Baba: The pandal built in three lakh square feet is small, know how people from far and wide are applying


Patna. On the second day of the five-day Hanumant Katha in the premises of Taret Pali Math in Naubatpur, a large crowd gathered to see Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and listen to his discourse. There was less space for the devotees in the three pandals built in three lakh square feet. In thousands, whether men, women or children, all were reaching the place of discourse by applying Tilak and Tripund on their foreheads.

People were applying by tying coconut

In the court of Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri ji, lakhs of women and men were applying by tying coconuts near the 20 feet statue of Hanuman ji. The female devotee Soni Kumari who came here told that she has heard many names of Baba Dhirendra Shastri. A coconut has been tied to apply in his court.

how to apply

To apply, five cloves and any kind of vermilion are applied to the coconut along with the coconut, tied in a one-color cloth, meditating on Baba Bageshwar ji co-Balaji, the coconut is placed five times near the statue of Hanuman ji.

The health of some people deteriorated due to the heat

On the second day of the Hanumant Katha, seeing the health of some people deteriorating due to excessive crowd of devotees, heat and dust, Dhirendra Shastri got down from the stage and instructed to help the sick people immediately. The volunteers of the organizing committee immediately started treating the sick people.

The divine court of Baba Bageshwar will not be held today, on the second day the health of many people deteriorated due to the crowd and humidity.

Hanumant Katha will be daily till May 17

Please tell that Hanumant Katha will run daily till May 17 as per its scheduled schedule. KK Shaswat, president of Bageshwar Dham Foundation, told that Baba himself will decide on Monday morning about the divine court of Baba to be held on May 15. In fact, during the Hanumant Katha on the second day on Sunday, the health of about 15 people suddenly deteriorated. Was.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LBfxgIdwGo) pandit dhirendra shastri

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