Bangladesh government set to take stern action against cyberterrorists


Bangladesh government is going to take tougher measures against a number of cyberterrorists such as Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami, Tasneem Khalil, Shahid Uddin Khan, Hasina Akhter, Abdur Rab Bhutto and few more individuals as well as extortionist YouTube channel ‘Nagorik TV’ kingpin Nazmus Saquib, Tito Rahman for running anti-Bangladesh vile propaganda from abroad.

Meanwhile, according to information, several individuals sitting in Bangladesh are directly collaborating with these anti-Bangladesh cyberterrorists and even are circulating those propaganda contents through social media platforms. This correspondent has already detected at least three individuals in Dhaka city, who are working as local contacts of cyberterrorist ‘Nagorik TV’.

It may be mentioned here that, ‘Nagorik TV’ runs extremely objectionable propaganda against Bangladesh. On October 19, 2022 this notorious YouTube channel has openly declared that one of its cohorts has played vital role behind December 10, 2021 sanctions, which was imposed by the US Department of Treasury on several officers of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

It is further learnt, Interpol wanted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan, Tito Rahman and Nazmus Saquib have assigned two youths in Bangladesh to work on their behalf and these youths currently are playing the role of liaison point between the anti-Bangladesh cyberterrorists and their contacts inside Bangladesh. While both the youths are distant relatives of Shahid Uddin Khan, one of them is a cadre of the student wing of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

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Law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh need to take immediate measure against the local cohorts of anti-Bangladesh cyberterrorist gangs.

Enemies of Bangladesh exposed by BLiTZ

The conglomerate of anti-Bangladesh elements, including Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami, Interpol-wanted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan and cyber-terror & extortion machine ‘Nagorik TV’ are finally caught red-handed when they began circulating a propaganda stuff published in an obscure website named ‘Sri Lanka Guardian’.

The propaganda stuff though appears in the byline of “Aniruddh Patel”, where he is introduced as “a political analyst who has advised many south Asian countries on National security and intelligence issues”, anyone with elementary knowledge on journalism would quickly understand, this name and identity of the write is absolutely false. Moreover, this so-called ‘Aniruddh Patel’ claiming to be adviser to many South Asian nations has no existence on the web, except for this only “article” published in the obscure website, which although claims to be registered in Sri Lanka, people shown on its website as editors are residing in other countries. There is no physical address or phone number of this website placing it into the same shoes of propaganda sites of banned militancy outfits.

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Our reporters began investigating the root of this propaganda stuff. First of all, it was revealed – immediately after publication of it in the obscure website, Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami, Interpol-wanted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan and cyber-terror & extortion machine ‘Nagorik TV’ started frantic bids in circulating and spreading the content with the ulterior motive of generating confusion and doubts in the minds of the people in Bangladesh.

Careful scrutiny of this “article” proves, people behind this was particularly interested in highlighting a particular terminology which has been repeated into this propaganda stuff for more than 8 times. This certainly is not a work of any skilled writer or journalist. Instead, it must have been written by someone with knowledge of preparing propaganda leaflets. Meaning, this “article” is a joint creation of BNP leader Mahmudur Rahman, Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami, and Interpol-wanted terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan while culprits in cyber-terror & extortion machine ‘Nagorik TV’ were assigned to spread this propaganda stuff.

Meanwhile, several cohorts of cyber-terror & extortion machine ‘Nagorik TV’ have started openly showing-up their identity by commenting on various posts of this notorious cyberterrorist site. Law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh need to take immediate steps in arresting these culprits and find-out remaining associates of Nazmus Saquib and Tito Rahman.

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Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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