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Bangladesh opposition’s million-dollar propaganda project

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Bangladesh opposition’s million-dollar propaganda project

Following publication of the false propaganda against Bangladesh, Qatari terror broadcast network Al Jazeera’s cohorts in Britain, Sweden, Hungary and the US are continuing to circulate links to those contents amongst various individuals in Bangladesh and the western cities. Couple of lobbyist groups in Washington, which were hired by Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami have been meeting members of the US Congress and Senate with copies of Al Jazeera’s propaganda with the ulterior motive of misleading the new administration in Washington about Bangladesh’s ruling party.

Meanwhile, at the instruction of BNP’s leader Tarique Rahman, a convicted fugitive living in London, two of his top aides – Mia Nuruddin Apu and Giasuddin al-Mamun, sitting in prison are maintaining regular contacts with several individuals in Bangladesh and abroad – spending huge amount of money with the agenda of using Al Jazeera’s propaganda materials in putting Bangladesh government into trouble. The duo also has been maintaining contact with a Nobel Prize laureate and requesting him to bring the matter to the attention of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other influential members of the Democratic Party.

It may be mentioned here that, Mia Nuruddin Apu and Giasuddin al-Mamun are the main handlers of Tarique Rahman’s illegal wealth in various countries. Ever-since Al Jazeera’s propaganda stuff were published, Apu and Mamun have been openly telling prison staff as well as their contacts outside that “government is going to fall anytime”.

Meanwhile, the Nobel Laureate and editor of an anti-government English daily newspaper in Bangladesh are using their contacts in getting statement from the US and western governments in favor of the Al Jazeera “investigation report”. This editor also has asked a controversial photographer who faces several criminal charges, to circulate Al Jazeera contents amongst his own contacts in the west, including several leading newspapers.

According to credible source, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who has been consistently working against the ruling party in Bangladesh is supposed to meet Bill Clinton within couple of weeks with Al Jazeera’s propaganda stuff. The Nobel Laureate has been trying to get top Democrat party officials to convince US President Joe Biden to issue a statement against Bangladesh government.

Hamas and other pro-Palestine groups have been contacting their sympathizers in the US House like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar and other anti-Israel members. They are trying to convince these members of the US Congress that Bangladesh is secretly siding with Israel and it will undermine the Palestinian mission of removing Israel from the world map and establish Hamas’s government there. The sources claim that they will try to convince these members to introduce a resolution in the US House against Bangladesh government.

At the same time, the lobbyists have been trying to pass a resolution against Bangladesh government in the UN. However, in order to move forward with the resolution, UN will need the consent of the Security Council. However, due to China’s alliance and strong cooperation with the Bangladesh government, it is very likely that the resolution will be vetoed in the Security Council.

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