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Bangladesh state media uninterested in Bangabandhu!


Bangladesh state media uninterested in Bangabandhu!

Special Correspondent

On the first hour of August, which is the month of mourning for the people of Bangladesh, as on 15th August 1975 the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with the members of his family were brutally assassinated; a local music label has released 3 musical films on Bangabandhu, Bangamata and Sheikh Russel on its official YouTube channel. The company also is going to release another musical film on Bangabandhu on August 15th. Although it was rightly expected that these efforts will receive support from the state-run news agency Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) as well would be enthusiastically aired by Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh Betar and private TV and radio stations; in reality, there has been total silence from the state-owned media as well as private TV and radio stations on this issue. Crown Music authority has been repeatedly contacting Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha, Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar with the request of giving coverage to these songs which had been ignored by the authorities concerned.

Seeking anonymity, a source inside the state-owned broadcast agencies said, these songs are of such high standard that the state-owned broadcasters are considering these as a direct challenge to their lethargy and inefficiency in producing similar contents in the past 11 years in particular. People in the music department of Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar fear that airing of these songs would invite criticism from the authorities concerned for their total failure in initiating such productions. They are also obstructing the state-owned Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha from catering any news covering these three songs.

It may be mentioned here that people from the political background with no or insignificant knowledge in music have been occupying important positions in the state-owned Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar. These individuals are mostly responsible for producing pushing these organizations towards unpopularity.

Meanwhile, a section of dubious individuals has started competing in wrongly taking credit of these songs, although they have no contribution at all. Some of these elements are even using some local media and entertainment journalists in falsely projecting themselves being key players behind these initiatives.

Commenting on the unwillingness of Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar in airing of these songs, a representative from Crown Music said, “it is unfortunate and audacity of the highest order for Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar in ignoring such important matter. It clearly shows lots of inefficient people as well anti-government elements are housed within the state-owned broadcast networks. It is a responsibility of the pro-liberation forces as well as the members of the ruling party to promote these songs and spread it in every Bengali household.

The three musical films released by Crown Music are ‘Ashbeyna Firey Jani’, ‘Paina Tomar Dekha Bangamata’ and ‘Praner Bhaita Koi’. The company also is going to release another musical film on 15th August titled ‘Tumi Bangali Moner Himalay’. Lyrics and tune of these songs are by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. Music directors are Erfan Tipu and Kazi Jamal. Musical films are directed by Tajul Islam, Tapon Ahmed, and Trishul Entertainment.

Commenting on the lethargy of state-owned Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar in airing the songs, music director Kazi Jamal said, “It is beyond my understanding as to why the authorities of Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar are showing their unwillingness in airing three of the songs. If it is just because they are unable and incapable of producing songs of such standard, then of course, this truly is a matter of gravest dismay”.

It may be mentioned here that, Crown Music has taken elaborate planning of releasing several songs, musical films, musical feature films and documentaries on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the occasion of his centennial birthday, which will be celebrated in 2020. Talking to this correspondent, Rakib Ahmed, an official of the company said, “We already have started working on these projects. One of the songs titled ‘Tomakey Hazar Salam’ shall be sung by popular Indian singers Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. We also are trying to contact a few more singers in India as we want this auspicious occasion to be celebrated in Bangladesh, India and the world”.

Lyrics and tune of the song ‘Tomakey Hazar Salam’ are by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury.

He said, “On the occasion of his auspicious birth centennial We also have plans of releasing songs on Bangabandhu in Hindi and English with the target of reaching millions of people around the world. We are already contacting several international music channels such as MTV, Zee Music and T Series with the hope of getting the non-Bangla songs aired into those places. It is huge planning and we sincerely hope, local sponsors will come forward with their earnest support in implementing these initiatives”.

On Crown Music’s initiative of producing a musical feature film on Bangabandhu, Rakib Ahmed said, “It is a big project, for which we shall need at least two and a half crore (twenty-five million) taka. The total length of the film will be 140-150 minutes. Our plan is to use world-class technology in making this film and also are going to form a panel of directors including Kolkata’s film director Rino Dutta in this venture. Each of us is very much excited about this project and do hope, we can finally turn our dream into reality”.


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