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Bangladeshi elite force nabs human trafficker who was selling females to Gulf nations

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Bangladeshi elite force nabs human trafficker who was selling females to Gulf nations

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a elite force of Bangladesh Police has arrested an individual named Liton Mia alias Dr. Mohammad Liton along with his accomplices from Dhaka on allegations of luring females with the promise of high-paying job in Iraq. According to RAB, Liton and his accomplices used to hold these female captives once they arrived in Iraq and then sold them to members of human trafficking and sex rackets. Liton has been running these illegal activities for a long time.

Liton’s activities came under the radar of RAB when several females succeeded in returning to Bangladesh after escaping from captivity of the human trafficking and sex rackets in Iraq. Later they lodged complaint with RAB-4 unit. Subsequently the elite force started investigating the allegation and nabbed Liton, the leader of the racket in Bangladesh along with his accomplice named Azad Rahman Khan. Several passports and drugs were also seized from their possession. Later on primary interrogation Liton told the RAB officials that he is a part of a huge gang which comprises 10-15 more individuals in Bangladesh and Iraq.

RAB source said, Liton alone has smuggled out 200-250 females to Iraq. Liton told the elite force that initially he used to send the females to Dubai with visit visa. Then the organized gang would shift these females to Iraq, where they were held hostage inside “safe house” run by the racket. The racket operates 6-7 “safe houses” in Iraq. These females were raped by the members of the gang as well as their clients. Some of them were forced into prostitution while others were sold to human trafficking rackets or private brothels. Once the females were handed-over to brokers or owners of private brothels in Iraq, the organized racket used to forcefully engage them into prostitution in Iraq while some of them were once again trafficked to Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan.

RAB source said, Liton went to Iraq in 2013 and managed a job in a hospital by falsely proclaiming as a physician. In Iraq, two accomplices of Liton namely Azad and Meraj suggested Liton of brining females from Bangladesh and sell them to traffickers or private brothels. Accordingly, Liton engaged few more individuals in Bangladesh and began this illegal trade. In addition of luring females with high-paying job offers, Liton also used to marry Bangladeshi girls, take them to Iraq and finally sell them to private brothels. He has lived in Iraq from 2013 to 2018.


Selina Begum, 30, (not her real name) said she received a call in early 2019 from a travel agent who asked whether she was interested in going to Iraq as a medical assistant.

When she gave her CV, Liton called her back and introduced himself as a doctor working in Iraq.

“Liton first wanted to know whether I was married, then he wanted a picture of mine, after which he made me a marriage proposal.


“After talking to family members, we got married. We reached his home in Iraq in February 2019. I found three more girls and then I suspected something fishy was going on. When he took me to his office, I saw 50-60 men and 10-15 women locked there,” Sahana said.

She added that she fled Liton’s house and went to a hospital in Iraq and showed her passport and CV where she got a job. In May 2019, she was able to return to Bangladesh.

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