Bavarian PM urges Scholz to limit Burbock in her statements

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder criticized German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock for her harsh remarks about Russia. He stated this on February 22 on the air of the TV channel Welt.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs should watch what she says. Verbal escalation can lead to an escalation of violence. We are helping Ukraine, but Germany is not at war with Russia,” Söder said.

He appealed to Chancellor Olaf Scholz demanding “to stop Burbock with her sloppy remarks.” Söder also criticized the Green Party she represents.

On February 18, Burbock urged Russian leader Vladimir Putin to make a 360-degree change in his policies that would make “the whole world happy,” noting that she believes in “people’s ability to change.” As an example, the minister cited Germany, which, according to her, abandoned its principles not to supply weapons to the Ukrainian conflict zones.

Prior to that, on January 24, Burbock said that the countries of Europe “wage war against Russia.” However, two days later, the German Foreign Ministry pointed out that the support of Ukraine allegedly does not make Germany a party to the conflict. Subsequently, on February 11, Burbock acknowledged her words as a mistake, noting that “there is such a saying:” Only he who does not live does not make mistakes.

On January 28, the head of the Alternative for Germany party, Tino Krupalla, demanded the resignation of the head of the German Foreign Ministry. According to him, his unprofessional behavior Burbock endangers the very existence of Germany.

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