Beautician called ways to avoid early aging

Premature aging factors include malnutrition, lack of sleep, bad habits and genetics. A cosmetologist, dermatovenereologist at the Beauty Time clinic of aesthetic medicine, candidate of medical sciences told Izvestia about how to reduce such risks. Tatyana Entel on Thursday, February 23rd.

“The main cause of early aging in middle-aged people is recognized as lack of sleep, which is now increasingly common. Lack of sleep leads to a violation of the hormonal background, namely, to a violation of the synthesis of somatotropic hormone – growth hormone, or, as it is also called, the hormone of youth. Also, lack of sleep leads to disruption of all metabolic processes, including the process of collagen fiber synthesis. In addition, it can lead to early menopause in women, ”the specialist warned.

In addition, malnutrition contributes to premature aging, namely the presence of a large amount of carbohydrates, that is, sugars, in the diet. Sugar in its original state forms tissue glycation. Glycation is the formation of certain changes in the original structure, whether it be connective tissue, skin, or even brain cells. This process leads to early aging of integumentary tissues, and is also one of the reasons for the development of Alzheimer’s disease, Entel pointed out.

“The next point, which we can also attribute to a violation of a healthy lifestyle, is bad habits. Alcohol is acceptable, but in small quantities – no more than a few drinks per week. A serving of alcohol includes 125 ml of wine or 30 ml of strong alcohol,” the doctor said.

Smoking is no less harmful. This habit disrupts the synthesis of its own collagen and leads to the development of negative changes in the structure of the skin. As a result, its elasticity is lost, it acquires a gray tint, becomes pigmented, with enlarged pores, which also does not add youth.

“And the final point, which also by no means can be discounted, is genetics. If in the points described above we can influence the situation with our own efforts, then in this case, unfortunately, it is impossible to change anything. Genetic factors, especially for a woman’s body, are often leading. And if we know that our mother was aging early or she had an early menopause, we can say that premature aging will also affect us, ”said Entel.

As a preventive measure for early aging, the cosmetologist recommended excluding malnutrition, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake. In addition, the doctor advises to stop sunbathing, because sunbathing kills all the important structures for youthful skin and damages its genetic apparatus. In addition, it is a powerful oncogenic factor.

“If you still want to sunbathe, it is important to form a tanning hygiene – before 9-10 am and after 16-17 pm when we are at sea. The use of sunscreens will also help prevent premature aging, ”the doctor concluded.

On the eve of the doctor Elena Tikhomirova listed products that can spoil the appearance. So, according to the specialist, juices, alcohol and sausages can negatively affect the appearance.

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