Beijing calls for thorough investigation into Nord Stream explosions

The world community has the right to demand a thorough investigation into the explosions at Nord Stream, given the serious consequences of the crime. On Monday, February 20, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters.

“The international community has the right to demand a thorough investigation, given the pernicious nature of the crime that led to the destruction of a large transnational infrastructure and the serious consequences that it entailed,” the diplomat said.

According to him, the Nord Stream gas pipelines were once called the “lifeline” for European energy, and the sabotage carried out on them had a strong negative impact on the entire global energy market.

“Explosions at Nord Stream have had a serious negative impact on the global energy market and global ecology. It is necessary to conduct an objective, impartial and professional investigation into this case,” said Wang Wenbin.

He expressed bewilderment that U.S. officials and the U.S. media continue to maintain “an unusual silence, and some European countries seem to have a lot of misgivings” about the investigation.

“Such unusual behavior makes people believe even more that the case of the Nord Stream explosions is strange and complicated,” the diplomat said.

On February 8, American journalist Seymour Hersh published his investigation into gas pipeline explosions. It says that American divers planted bombs during the Baltops exercises in the Baltic Sea last June, and the Norwegians activated them. Washington’s motives, according to the journalist, were to force Germany to provide military and financial support to Ukraine.

After that, the Russian side requested a meeting of the UN Security Council on February 22 in connection with new information regarding the blowing up of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

On February 19, White House National Security Council (NSC) strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said that the United States was not involved in the sabotage of gas pipelines. Kirby also noted that in the article, which was published by American journalist Seymour Hersh, “there is not a grain of truth.”

The next day, Andrea Masini, a spokeswoman for the EC press service, said that the European Commission (EC) considers the findings of an investigation by journalist Seymour Hersh about Nord Stream to be speculation and declined to comment on them.

Leaks at Nord Stream were discovered on 26 September. The representative of the seismic center of Sweden, Bjorn Lund, said that two powerful underwater explosions were registered in the area of ​​​​leaks in pipelines at the time of the emergency.

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