Belarus announced the “demonstrative” laying of mines by the Ukrainian military

The State Border Committee of Belarus said that the Ukrainian military “defiantly” laid mines on their side of the border checkpoint. This was reported on February 22 at website committee.

“The Ukrainian military defiantly laid out anti-tank mines on the roadway in front of the Vystupovichi road checkpoint (from the Belarusian side – Novaya Rudnya). Similar actions were recorded in July last year in front of the same checkpoint,” the publication says.

In addition, provocative actions were noted from the Ukrainian side. People “in an incomprehensible military uniform” showed obscene gestures to the Belarusian border guards. Footage released by the Border Commission shows one of the militants wearing a skull mask showing middle fingers and a gesture that means his throat has been slit.

On the eve of the Belarusian Assistant Minister of Defense for International Military Cooperation, Colonel Valery Revenko said that a significant grouping of the Ukrainian army was concentrated near the southern border of Belarus. He added that the Belarusian border guards began to adequately respond to provocations from Ukraine.

On February 20, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that Minsk would prepare a quick and tough response in case of any aggression from the outside. He stressed that the Belarusian peacefulness is not a synonym for sacrifice, and the partners of the state should understand this.

Earlier, on February 16, Lukashenko said that Belarus could enter into hostilities against Ukraine only in the event of aggression from Kyiv. He stressed that if this happens, Minsk’s response will be the most severe and the conflict will take on a completely different character.

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