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Ben & Jerry’s popularity at peak in the antisemitic nations


Ben & Jerry’s popularity at peak in the antisemitic nations

Anita Mathur

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has suddenly become extremely popular in a number of antisemitic nations, including Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Such popularity is because of this brands patronization of most notorious hate-mongers like Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour in particular, as well as funding the opponents of President Donald Trump. Their new flavor— PeCAN Resist!—is intended to entice consumers because a portion of the sales will go to support groups opposing U.S. President Trump.

Ben & Jerry’s also are considering introducing a newer brand by mid-2019 and a portion of the profit accrued from that brand will for food “food and education” of the Palestinian children.

As Muslim nations always see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as “great leaders”, Ben & Jerry’s patronizing anti-Trump bloc has also helped the ice cream brand in getting huge fans in the countries, which consider the U.S. as an “enemy nation”. Radical Muslims around the world are furious on President Trump for his total support towards Israel. Donald Trump is considered as a “potential enemy” of the Palestinian people, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran and Islam at large. Muslims around the world are mostly pro-Obama and he enjoys the status of a “hero” amongst the Muslim populace.

Owners of the brand, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield hit the jackpot by building a business that billed itself as having a social conscience, identifying itself with the effort to save the rainforest and naming flavors after pop-culture figures like lead guitar player of the Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia. Eating Ben & Jerry’s was a popular form of virtue signaling even before the term was invented. This was so tied to their identity as a brand that even after Cohen and Greenfield sold their company to Unilever; the new owners believed that they had to continue the tradition of coming up with new flavors tied to liberal politics (think “Americone Dream” or “The Tonight Dough,” favorites of comedians Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, respectively).

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