Bhadek’s killer Bharkha needs recognition


Auraiya, 25 May (Hindustan Times). Bhadek’s killer Bharkha (a drain of water coming out of the forest and fields), a witness to the atrocities of the British rule, is still in need of recognition for her martyrdom. There is a demand of the people that a memorial should be established at this place, so that the common people can get the correct information about the history of this place.

Village Bhadek, situated on the banks of Yamuna in the neighboring district of Jalaun, used to be the princely state of King Parikshat in the past. When the first independence dawned, the British decided to suppress the revolution by attacking the nearby princely states to protect the water route from the revolutionaries, due to which Bhadek was first targeted. Then to avoid the cruelty of the British rule, the general public, women and children hid in the drain located on the border of the village, but due to their oppressive policy, the British killed them all on the information of the people hiding in the drain. Since then that drain came to be known as Hatiarin Bharkha in the local and popular language.

Awadhesh Awasthi, a resident of the village, says that the English army also used cannons to destroy the princely state of the entire village. The remains of which are still visible today. People are afraid to go even today because of the horrors of this massacre that took place in the past. The elders of the village say that the governments did not give any recognition of martyrdom to Bhadek village.

crying sounds in the night

If the villagers are to be believed, even today there are sounds of crying and sobbing from Bharkha. Due to which no one goes there after evening.

The massacre took place on 25 May

According to the information received from the Government Gazette and History Milan, this massacre took place on 25 May 1858. The result of Rani Lakshmi Bai’s support could not bring recognition to Bhadek even today.

Bravery saga of Bhadek’s Ranbankuras and the killer Bharkha situated on the banks of Yamuna in the freedom struggle

You must be shocked to hear the name of the murderer’s Bharkha. This pilgrimage site of martyrdom is located on the banks of the Yamuna passing near Bhadek village of Jalaun district, adjacent to Auraiya district. The history of this place is related to the revolution of 1857. Bhadek’s patriot Raja Parikshat supported Rani Lakshmibai in the war against the British in the Kalpi war. That is why after the defeat of Rani Lakshmi Bai in the Kalpi war, the British army attacked the Bhadek princely state around 25 May 1858. Along with being a small princely state of Bhadek, the army here was also disintegrated in the Kalpi war. Still the king responded to the British attack. While fighting with the Firangi army, many warriors here got martyrdom. When King Parikshat saw that he was about to be arrested by the British, the self-respecting king sacrificed himself on the altar of freedom by choosing to die. After this, the Britishers created havoc in Bhadek village. King Parikshat’s fort was demolished with cannons. Some children and women hid in a deep drain on the banks of the Yamuna to avoid the havoc of the British. Somehow the Firangi army got a clue of their hiding. The British went there and killed all the women and children. This misdeed of the British was not recorded in any page of history. Even today, different types of stories are prevalent among the local villagers about the killer’s Bharkha. They are afraid to go here even during the day.

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