Bhagalpur: Construction of road and drain stalled due to lack of funds, the city will drown if roads and drains are not built before the monsoon


Bhagalpur: Due to lack of funds, there has been an eclipse on the construction of roads and drains in the Municipal Corporation area. In the first phase, approval was given for the construction of 444 roads and drains, for which Rs 100 crore was received. Due to this only 369 roads and drains could be constructed. About 75 roads and drains have remained incomplete. At least Rs 34 crore is now required to complete the construction of this incomplete road and drain. At the same time, there is no fund for the construction of 291 roads and drains approved in the second phase. 150 crores are required for this. That is, for the construction of 366 roads and drains, the Municipal Corporation needs 184 crores and the funds are not available. A letter has been written by the Municipal Planning Branch to the Urban Development and Housing Department. Despite this, the allotment has not been received till now.

Water will fill in many areas

If the allotment is not received before the onset of monsoon rains and the incomplete work of road and drain is not completed, then it will be difficult to walk on other roads. All these schemes are from the time of 14th Finance Commission. The term of the 14th Finance Commission has ended in March 2020 itself. After this, the 15th Finance Commission has been constituted, which will continue to function for the next five years i.e., till 2025-26. On its recommendation, the expenditure of the grant amount is being approved. Because of this, due to earlier planning, there is a lack of funds.

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The work of 291 roads and drains of the second phase is also stuck.

Approval in the second phase, construction of 291 roads and drains has also got stuck. There is a plan to construct 444 roads and drains in the first phase and 291 in the second phase i.e. 735. In the first phase, out of 444, 369 roads and drains have been constructed. In this, the remaining 75 schemes and the other 291 schemes, ie, a total of 366 roads and drains are yet to be completed. Completing this will be a challenge for the Municipal Corporation.

Far from becoming a new one, even the previously accepted water table could not be made yet.

Constant emphasis is being laid on making two new pyaus in every ward. On the other hand, in every already approved ward, not even a single water tank has been built. Out of 51, only 24 pyaus have been made so far. 27 piers are yet to be made. The progress of the work is so slow that it is difficult to say whether the facility of pyau will be available in this summer or not. Here, 24 pyau is dilapidated and it deserves to be repaired. Of these, only 14 pyaus have been repaired so far. Repair work of 10 pews is incomplete. It is also looking difficult to be repaired till this summer. Work progress is slow.

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Road and drain construction at a glance

Approved schemes of first phase: 444 roads and drains

Allocation: Rs 100 crore

Construction of road and drain: 369

Incomplete drain and road: 75

Amount needed for incomplete schemes: Rs 34 crore

Approved schemes of second phase: 291 roads and drains

Amount needed for road and drain construction: Rs 150 crore

Construction of incomplete road and drain of first and second phase: 366

Amount required for construction of incomplete road and drain of first and second phase: Rs 184 crore

75 approved construction plans are incomplete

Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation’s planning branch in-charge Mo Rehan Ahmed said that 75 approved schemes for construction of roads and drains are incomplete. For this, 34 crore rupees are needed now. The time frame of the 14th Finance Commission is planned and its tenure has come to an end. Due to this it has become difficult to get funds. There is no fund for the second phase as well and Rs 150 crore is required for this. Written for the Fund. Work is going on on the previously approved construction plan. Pew is also being repaired.

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