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Biased media versus Jews and Israel


Biased media versus Jews and Israel

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

One person can change the world. One newspaper can effectively confront anti-Israel bias and antisemitism. This was proved, when recently someone noticed something very strange about a map accompanying an article in NPR News site, where they showed a territory of Israel as ‘Palestine’. Instead of contacting the biased news site, that pro-Israel individual contacted HonestReporting, an organization that monitors anti-Israel bias in the news media. Immediately HonestReporting brought the matter to the attention of NPR News and published the ‘error’ on their website. Subsequently, newspapers like Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel etc picked it up, which resulted in NPR receiving series of objections from various individuals. Finally they removed the offending map and an editor’s note saying – ‘citing Palestine instead of Israel was a mistake’. They offered an apology for this wrong journalism.

HonestReporting is among a small handful of Jewish or pro-Israel media watchdogs monitoring newspapers and news portals. Similarly, Blitz possibly is at the forefront of confronting anti-Israel bias and antisemitism. It has been doing this as a moral obligation without having any desire of receiving appreciation. This newspaper has also been vigorously confronting radical Islam. Just give a Google search to understand the contributions of this most influential newspaper in influencing the global policymakers in initiating strong policies against radical Islam, militancy, antisemitism and Israel bashing. Unfortunately though, the rogue tendency of demonizing Jews and Israel still continues in most of the so-called mainstream media. But it seems, most of the pro-Israel and Jewish organizations and research institutions around the world, but American Jewish Committee or Middle East Forum still are lethargic in acknowledging the contributions of Blitz. They even feel reluctant in allowing this newspaper in re-publishing some of the articles in Blitz. They don’t even feel the necessity and importance of this newspaper in a world where antisemitism and anti-Israel bias is reaching an alarming level. Existence of Blitz is extremely important in a world today where anti-Israel bias in the ‘news’ and opinion are being pumped out every day to millions of people through the so-called mainstream news outlets.


Evidence for this bias is so overwhelming that it is no exaggeration to say that, when it comes to Israel, more often than not most people today are not reading the ‘news’ so much as the ‘views’ – of editors and journalists with a penchant for slanting the news about Israel in an unfair and decidedly negative light.

As HonestReporting was born from Jewish outrage at relentless Israel-bashing and bias of the media the beginning of the “Second Intifada” (around the year 2000) – Blitz also began its journey back in 2003 when the entire global media, especially the media in the Muslim world were going rogue – being filled with contents against Jews and Israel. Yes, we are a small team of dedicated people who not only support Israel and the Jews but are confronting radical Islam under extreme adversity and even frequent threats. In 2006, our office in Dhaka was bombed by an Islamic militancy group, while as its editor; I have been receiving threats from various anti-Israel elements. There had nefarious propaganda designed of character assassination against me – which unfortunately has been continuing here and there. Most importantly, some of those unscrupulous individuals or organizations are pretending to be friends of Israel. In reality, they are similar as Palestinian back-stabbers, stone throwers and terrorists. There are frantic bids of silencing me and Blitz.


I have been greatly inspired by individuals like Rav Noah Weinberg, founder of Aish HaTorah, who had always taught that when a crisis confronts the Jewish people it is no time to just sit around, twiddle your thumbs and say, “How terrible.” Don’t say: What can I do about it? I’m just one little person.

Weinberg’s ongoing motto was – don’t wait for someone else to take responsibility. Ask, “What can I do about it?” If you don’t know what to do, sit down with friends and brainstorm. Come up with ten plans. If the cause is just, God will help you and anything is possible.


He definitely is right. It is God, who has always been helping Blitz and strengthening us with His undefeatable might. That’s why our slogan is – Fears None But God. It is the God we fear and this is the source of our courage – our audacity of confronting radical Islam and antisemitism with full vigor. We are not doing this for any benefit – neither financial nor otherwise. We are doing this out of our self-conscious. Of course the genuine defenders of the Jewish State and those who wholeheartedly wants to confront radical Islam and save this world from going into the evil grips of those Islamists – are regularly introducing Blitz to their friends and loved ones by sharing our contents on the social media. Such cooperation is essential for us in reaching a much higher number of people. Through this, we can reach millions of people around the world and much effectively defend the State of Israel as well confront radical Islam. These precious individuals are spending some of their valuable times in inviting people to the Facebook page of Blitz. We definitely express our profound gratitude to those friends for such a crucial cooperation. We believe, one day – not very far – we shall be able to have millions of followers in our Facebook page, which will tremendously help us in reaching much wider number of readers.

We want to believe – in our efforts against radical Islam and of defending Jews and Israel – we are neither alone nor abandoned or forgotten. People, who defends Israel and sincerely wants to see an end to the disturbing rise of radical Islam, would certainly support Blitz. We may not be yet one of the mainstream media outlets, but we certainly are aspiring in reaching that level – sooner or later. Firm determination is our only strength and of course – God always is with us.


We should neither sit silent nor surrender to the growing tendency of antisemitism and Israel bashing. We must confront and remember – our silence and inefficiencies can only strengthen the enemies – enemies of Jews and Israel, and enemies of peace. This is a noble battle that we certainly need to win. Can we count on your precious and effective cooperation?

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a multi award winning anti militancy journalist and editor of Blitz. He can be reached at Facebook.

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