Biden instructed to create an interdepartmental commission to study UFOs

US President Joe Biden decided to form a special commission to study unidentified aerial objects. This was announced on Monday, February 13, by the coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council, John Kirby.

“The President, through his National Security Adviser, today directed a multi-agency team to explore the policy implications of detecting, analyzing and disposing of unidentified airborne objects that pose security risks,” he said during a briefing.

Washington had never paid such close attention to the issue before, Kirby said, but a string of UAV incidents in the country’s airspace forced a change in approach. He also added that, first of all, it is planned to find and carefully study the wreckage of balloons shot down in the north of the States.

Earlier in the day, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied rumors that the appearance of numerous aircraft over the United States allegedly indicates alien activity.

For three days in a row, air objects have been spotted in the sky on the US-Canada border.

On February 11, an unidentified object was spotted in the airspace over Canada. The armed forces of Canada and the United States shot down an aerial target over the Yukon Territory in the northwest of the country. The soldiers removed the wreckage of the device for further study.

Meanwhile, on February 12, the Pentagon spotted an unidentified object over the waters of Lake Huron. After that, the US military also shot down an air object.

On February 10, the US military spotted a balloon in the airspace over Alaska, after which they shot down the aircraft.

The head of the North American Joint Aerospace Defense Command, Glen van Herck, during a briefing on February 12, said that it was possible that the downed objects in the airspace over the United States could be of extraterrestrial origin. According to him, the military was unable to determine how the last three objects were kept in the air, as well as how they were set in motion or where they flew from.

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