Biden ordered to increase duties on the import of Russian aluminum products into the United States

From March 10, 2023, the United States will impose duties of 200% on imports of Russian aluminum products. The corresponding decision was made by US President Joe Biden, reports February 24 press office White House.

It is clarified that this measure is designed to “reduce the import of aluminum products and increase the utilization of domestic capacities.”

“A 200 percent tariff on the import of aluminum products if any amount of primary aluminum used in the production of aluminum products is smelted in Russia or the aluminum products are cast in Russia,” the decree says.

At the same time, customs exemptions can be made for American partners who will introduce the same duties. As the document highlights, concerns about aluminum imports from Russia are shared by other countries.

“Any country that imposes a duty of 200% or more on its imports of aluminum products manufactured in Russia may be exempt from the duty established by this regulation,” the publication says.

In addition, the US President instructed to increase customs duties on the import of Russian metals, minerals and some chemical products in the amount of $2.8 billion. This was announced on February 24 by the US representative at trade negotiations Catherine Tai.

“Today, President Biden announced an additional increase in duties on a number of goods from Russia worth about $2.8 billion. <...> President Biden raised tariffs on most metals and metal products, increasing them from 35% to 70%, affecting the most important income-generating sector of the Russian economy. President Biden also raised duties on other Russian goods to 35%, including chemical products and minerals. site US Trade Representative’s office.

On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his message to the Federal Assembly, said that, despite the sanctions pressure from the West, the Russian Federation managed to enter a completely new round of economic development. According to the president, the West failed to achieve its main goal – the attempt to make the Russians suffer failed.

Western states have stepped up sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation against the backdrop of a special operation to protect the population of Donbass. The decision was made by the President of the Russian Federation against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region due to Ukrainian shelling.

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