Biden reveals secrets of twice “opened skull”

US President Joe Biden spoke March 6 at a legislative conference of the International Firefighters Association in Washington. It represents more than 334,000 full-time firefighters and paramedics in the US and Canada.

During the speech, Biden touched on health issues and launched into confessions about how he was sick himself. He spoke about an aneurysm that had been identified in him, due to which he experienced constant headaches. But the doctors dealt with it by opening his skull.

“I had terrible headaches. The diagnosis was … But it doesn’t matter, they had to open my skull a couple of times to make sure I had brains, ”said the American president with a smile.

On the same day, Biden again stumbled on the ladder of the plane. This happened after visiting an airbase in Alabama. Three days earlier, on March 3, the head of the White House approached reporters in Washington with a hand outstretched for a handshake, but did not find anyone to give it to.

The 80-year-old Biden is the oldest president in US history, and his health regularly becomes a matter of discussion and concern among Americans. In addition, the politician repeatedly confused the names of countries and stumbled when boarding a plane.

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