Bihar: Constable drunk stopped the judge’s car in film style, sent to jail after high voltage drama


Bihar News: In Khagaria, an inebriated constable stopped the judge’s car by overtaking it with a bike. The constable abused the driver of the judge. The judge gave this information to Gogri DSP Manoj Kumar on mobile. After which Gogri DSP Manoj Kumar reached Gogri police station and examined the inspector with breath analyzer. In which drinking alcohol was confirmed. Case number 152/23 was registered on the application of the Chief Clerk of the judge, Sanjay Kumar Verma, and the said drunken inspector was arrested and sent to jail.

created a ruckus

On Thursday morning, the ACJM court of Gogri’s Sub-Divisional Civil Court was coming by official vehicle BR 09 S 3763. Meanwhile, Inspector Omprakash Mishra, posted at Gogri police station near Ratan Middle School, while overtaking the bike BR 33 B 8421, went ahead and stopped the judge’s vehicle. Started asking the driver to lower the lead.

Arriving at the office, misbehaving with the judge created a ruckus

As soon as the driver lowered the glass, Inspector Omprakash Mishra started abusing the driver. During this, the constable was intoxicated with alcohol and smell of alcohol was coming from his mouth. Even after this, the inspector was not satisfied, so the inspector reached the ACJM’s office in a drunken state. Behaving indecently with the judge, started creating ruckus. The information of the incident was given by the judge and his office personnel to Gogri DSP Manoj Kumar and Gogri police station chief Ranjit Kumar.

A young man who fled after taking a loan of 1 crore was abducted from Bihar and taken to Nashik, if the Patna police had not reached, this would have been the result…

room was not opening

After the incident, the drunken inspector reached his residence at Gogri police station and locked the room from inside. Gogri DSP directed to examine the inspector with breath analyzer. After this, the police station chief asked the inspector to open the room, but the drunken inspector did not open the room for half an hour. As soon as the Station Head broke the door and entered inside, Inspector Omprakash Mishra started creating ruckus with the Station Head. The SHO forcibly took him out of the room and took him to Gogri DSP for investigation. In which drinking alcohol was confirmed.

say dsp

DSP Manoj Kumar told that Inspector Omprakash Mishra abused the judge’s driver after drinking alcohol, which is wrong. Liquor ban is in force in Bihar and it is a big crime for the constable to drink alcohol. The consumption of alcohol has been confirmed in the investigation. FIR has been registered and sent to jail.

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