Bihar: Even light monsoon rains will cause havoc in these areas of Seemanchal, know what is the big reason…


Bihar Rain News: After the onset of monsoon in Bihar, rain is bound to create flood situation. Illegal mining of sand from Bakra and Nuna rivers flowing in Sikti block area of ​​Araria is not taking the name of stopping. Administrative claims of cracking down on illegal mining are proving hollow. Whether it is day light or night, the mining mafia is continuously selling sand openly by sieving the chest of Bakra, Ghaghi and Nuna river due to illegal mining. Due to illegal mining, clouds of trouble are hovering over the Kursakanta-Sikti road.

Water pressure will increase on the coasts.

When the water level of the rivers will rise in monsoon, the water pressure on the banks will increase, due to which the risk of erosion of Pirganj bridge and road will increase. If the connectivity is lost, then a large population will have to suffer. In such a situation, the administration will have to rein it.

Illegal mining business is becoming a canker

Due to silt in the rivers flowing from Nepal to Indian territory, the river has become shallow like this, the depth of the rivers has also reduced. In such a situation, the illegal mining on the banks will take the water of the rivers out of the banks even faster, due to which the danger of flood will prevail. Not only this, illegal mining of sand is going on from Baligarh, Barmasia, Kadukatta, along the banks of Bakra river, Peerganj, Baghma Ghat, Pararia etc. While the departmental responsible are silent.

Bihar: These three areas of Purnia became high risk zone, DM alerted people on the report of Meteorological Department…

sand is being extracted indiscriminately from the ghats

Illegal mining of sand can be seen in these rivers from early morning till late evening. Even sand is being extracted indiscriminately from many ghats of Nuna river. Illegal sand mining from Bakra and Nuna river causes sudden change in the flow of the river due to which the current of the river changes, due to this change in current, a frightening scene of destruction comes to the fore. Every year people are forced to bear the brunt of displacement.

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