Bihar: Promotion of teachers under the Career Advancement Scheme, otherwise action will be taken, the education department has given instructions


The process of promotion of teachers has been started under the Career Advancement Scheme in universities and constituent colleges of Bihar. In this context, Departmental Additional Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar Singh has written a letter to all the Vice-Chancellors of the state, saying that academic and research-related standards should be followed in promotion only under the Advancement Scheme. If this is violated, the concerned officials will be eligible for strict action. International and national patents, number of research projects and his efficiency and achievement in e-content have been determined for promotion under the Career Advancement Scheme.

Three tables of qualification fixed

Additional Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar has told the Vice-Chancellors that the process of promotion should be completed under the Statute for the promotion of teachers of constituent colleges operating under their respective jurisdiction. It should not be violated. Promotion is to be done on the university. Under the Career Advancement Scheme, three tables of essential qualifications and qualifications have been fixed for promotion, on the basis of which the academic and research related activities of the teachers will be evaluated.

Will be evaluated for promotion on this basis

The teacher should have evidence of being actively involved in the guidance of PhD students. It will also be necessary to conduct small and big research projects organized by national and international agencies. Apart from this, research should be published in UGC’s journal either independently or jointly. Apart from this, it is also necessary for the teacher to ensure participation in student-related co-curricular activities such as student club, career counseling, student seminar, NCC, NSS activities for promotion. Overall evaluation will be done on the basis of these criteria for promotion. Three categories of evaluation such as good, satisfactory and unsatisfactory have been fixed.

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Special contribution will be made in the promotion of patent and e-content and efficiency in research

Under the Advancement Scheme, categories of research papers and their marks have been fixed for promotion. For example, the role of editor has been played in International Publication, National Publication, International and National Publisher. Have written books. Also, have demonstrated proficiency in Indian and foreign languages. The marks for all these have been fixed. All these activities will be valid for teachers of all types of steam. The gazette notification of the statute of promotion was done in July 2022.

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