Bihar: The fight was going on in the family of the loving couple, the police took the initiative, both of them united in half an hour, know the whole thing


Went: A loving couple was married on the initiative of the police on Sunday at the Devi temple near the Wazirganj police station premises. The couple got married in front of parents and common eyewitnesses by garlanding each other without chanting mantras and donating dowry. As soon as the love marriage of this couple was discussed, there was a crowd of some enlightened people and villagers including parents inside and outside the temple premises. Police Station President Ram Iqbal Prasad Yadav told that information was received that two families were fighting in Budhghareya. After this, the police brought the boy and the girl along with others to the police station, later both the families settled the dispute by getting the couple married by mutual agreement.

Boy came to relative’s place two years ago

According to the information, Rajesh Kumar, son of Ramashish Ravidas, a resident of Sahora under Atari police station area, had come to his relative’s place two years ago at Budhghareya village, where he fell in love with a young woman. With the conversation of both, the closeness in the love affair increased. After that he went to his home. The relatives of both the sides did not get the inkling of this. Two days ago, when the girl went to Sahora village of Atari area with the intention of marriage, the family members of the young man brought her back to her village Budhghareya on Sunday and told the truth of the incident by handing her over to her parents. On this, the dispute between the two sides deepened and the matter reached a fight.

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Marriage completed in half an hour

Local panchayat sarpanch Tuntun Ram tried to settle the matter by convincing both the parties. But, seeing the dispute increasing, after getting information about it from the local police station, the relatives of both the parties and the lover couple were brought to the police station and questioned, then both of them claimed to be adults. Then both the parties were informed about the legal rights by the police. After this, after fear of legal action, both the parties decided to get married to end the dispute and immediately started preparing for the marriage. Within about half an hour, in a simple ceremony, considering God as a witness, garlanded each other and took the blessings of the family members. Common people chanted God instead of singing and clapping and welcomed the couple.

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