Bihar: The scam in the construction of Sainik School started to open, the shocking truth came out in the investigation report of DTO


In the construction of Sainik School in Sipaya of Kuchayakot block of Gopalganj, the secrets of forgery are being exposed layer by layer. In the team formed by DM, DTO Manoj Kumar Rajak submitted his report after finalizing the investigation. The DTO has submitted this report to the preferred Deputy Collector Radhakant. The forgery has come to the fore in the investigation of the Transport Department.

In the investigation, not a single truck was found above 12 wheelers.

The Transport Department had received vouchers of 175 trucks for checking. Shocking truths have come to the fore in the matching and checking of trucks. Most of the trucks whose numbers are given on the voucher are of 10 wheelers and some trucks are of 12 wheelers only. But in the voucher, the payment has been raised by making 22 wheels and getting sand. In the investigation, not a single truck has been found above 12 wheelers.

Bill made for 900 CFT instead of 300

In the investigation, it has been revealed from the DTO’s report that a voucher has been presented to order 900 CFT sand on a 10 wheeler truck. Which is amazing. How did the sand come three times more than the capacity. Whether sand has really been brought from those trucks or not is a matter of investigation. Its investigation has not yet been completed. The team is studying the investigation report received from the DTO. The investigation team can submit its report to the DM on Monday. By the way, after the disclosure of the audit report of the Accountant General, monitoring has also started at the high level on this investigation.

If the administration asks the owner of the trucks, then the truth will be revealed: Association

District President of Truck Association Lalbabu Yadav told that till now sand does not come from 20-22 wheeled trucks in Gopalganj. Only trucks up to a maximum of 14 wheelers are engaged in carrying sand. If any agency is claiming that sand has been carried in a 22 wheeler truck, then it is completely false. If the officials of the administration interrogate the owner of the truck whose number is registered on the voucher, then it will be clear whether the sand has been brought from his truck to the Sainik School on that date or not. Now GPS is also installed in all the trucks. . The truth will come out whether those trucks have taken Balu to Sainik School or not.

Accountant General’s Audit Report

This was revealed in the audit team of the Accountant General of the MD office of Bihar State Education Infrastructure Development Corporation. It has been said in the report that during the test check of the records, it was also seen that instead of Saran, the contractor buys white sand sand from Madhepura. During scrutiny of the challan submitted by the contractor, it was found that the white sand was transported through bogus vehicles like ambulance, e-rickshaw, three wheeler passenger vehicle, tractor trolley, scooter, stolen motor bike etc. from the mining site to the project site and the company paid the transportation cost of Rs. 1,56,99,829/- paid on bogus invoices. The Corporation was giving undue advantage to the contractor. A total of 1.75 crore irregularities were brought to the fore.

DTO handed over the investigation report

DTO Manoj Kumar Rajak said that we have handed over the report after seriously examining the vouchers we had received. Truck numbers of 10 and 12 wheels have been found in it.

facts at a glance

truck flywheel capacity

06 Flywheel 300 Cft

10 wheeler 400 cft

12 wheeler 550 cft

14 wheeler 800 cft

18 wheeler 900 cft

20 Wheelers 1000 Cft

22 wheeler 1200 cft

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