Bihar Train: Even special trains did not give relief to passengers, there is no space in many trains going to Mumbai-Delhi


Anand Tiwari, Patna. With the commencement of summer vacations, waiting has reached from 342 to 150 in most of the passenger trains passing through Patna Junction in the month of May to June. There is no room condition in some trains. Trains going to and from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are in a bad condition. There is no room in 12336 LTT Bhagalpur Express going from Mumbai’s Lokmanya Tilak to Bhagalpur via Patna. Similarly, 12519 LTT Kamakhya Express, which arrives at Pataliputra station, also has no room till May 28.

Double waiting in AC too, more crowd of unconfirmed people

Similarly, in AC class too waiting has reached beyond 98. While the maximum weighting remains between 40 to 50. But the number of waiting has reached double in AC class also. The interesting thing is that even after running the special train, the passengers are not getting any relief. After Holi, there is huge crowd these days in the trains coming from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in the month of May. Passengers with waiting tickets are also traveling in sleeper and AC three coaches.

If you are roaming around for quota, then TTE has been given the target of making EFT

The TTE included in the checking staff has been given the target of making EFT. That is, if the passenger is without ticket, then he can travel by making EFT. In return, the passenger will have to pay the fare and a fine of Rs 200. On the other hand, if experts are to be believed, the tussle over tickets in the trains has become such that the passengers are making rounds of the officials to get the quota. The maximum crowd is happening in the commercial manager’s office. By getting the quota written on the pad of the public representatives, the passengers are making rounds of the officials. Still the ticket is not getting confirmed.

Difficulty in going from seat to toilet

Passengers with waiting tickets have to travel because of the difficulties of those with confirmed tickets. The heat is tremendous, the sleeper coach is getting so crowded that the passengers have to struggle hard to walk from their seats to the toilets. On Saturday, Rajesh Kumar who came to Danapur by 12296 Sanghamitra and Kamlesh Rai who came by 12141 LTT Patliputra Express told that he had a confirmed berth. But five people were already sitting on his seat. No one was ready to get down and TTE was also nowhere to be seen. Forced to come with the same crowd till Danapur station.

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These trains full for 15 days

12393 Sampoorna Kranti Express : 207 on 22nd, 205 on 23rd, 201 on 24th, 204 on 25th, 214 on 26th May, similarly there is more than 150 waiting for next 15 days. Similarly, in 3 AC coaches of this train also there is 78 waiting on 22, 80 on 23, 82 on 24, 98 on 25, 26 waiting on 26 May.

12309 Rajdhani Tejas Express : Third SC 134 on May 22, 68 on May 23, 48 on May 24, 53 on May 25, 79 on May 26 and 87 waiting on May 27 is going on.

13202 Mumbai-Rajendra Nagar LTT Express: 120 on 22, 129 on 23, 121 on 24, 108 on 25, 114 on 25, similarly more than 100 waiting is going on for the next 15 days.

12141 LTT PATLIPUTRA: 171 on 22nd May, 140 on 23rd May, 162 on 24th, 167 on 25th, 139 waiting on 26th. On the other hand, in going from here, in this train 243 on 21st May, 208 on 22nd, 194 on 23rd, 156 on 24th, 161 on 25th, similarly waiting continues for the next 15 days.

12296 Sanghamitra Express: 242 on 22nd, 174 on 23rd May, 140 on 24th, 184 on 25th, 166 waiting on 26th.

22913 Saharsa Humsafar Express: There is 117 waiting on 28th May. Runs once a week on Sunday.

12336 LTT BHAGALPUR EXPRESS: There is no room on 23rd and 25th May.

12519 LTT KYQ EXPRESS: There is 61 waiting in Third AC on 28th May, then 40 waiting on 4th June.

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