Bikeru scandal: Land dispute not resolved even after three years, eight policemen martyred, only Khushi Dubey got bail


Kanpur: The memories of Kanpur’s famous Bikru incident are still fresh in people’s minds. The third anniversary of Bikru incident is being celebrated on Sunday. Three years ago, on this day, on July 2, 2020, the Bikeru incident took place in Chaubepur police station area. In this case, where among the accused only Khushi Dubey has been granted bail, the dispute over the land on which eight people died is still going on.

Three years ago, the information about police raid to catch gangster Vikas Dubey was leaked. After this, when the police reached Bikru, its way was blocked by JCB. Gangster Vikas Dubey, along with his henchmen, started firing on the police team until the police recovered. Eight policemen were martyred in this attack. At the same time, more than six were injured. The villagers are still shaken by remembering this incident.

The UP police, which swung into action after the killing of the policemen, started rapid encounters from the morning of July 3, in which six people, including the main accused Vikas Dubey, were killed in the encounter. While more than 48 people have been arrested and sent to jail till now.

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The main reason behind this scandal was that the dispute over six bighas of land came to the fore, due to which this quarrel started. The main reason for the Bikeru incident was the FIR lodged by Jadepur resident Rahul Tiwari against Vikas Dubey and others. The police team had reached Bikru on the night of July 2, 2020 to raid it.

Rahul Tiwari, a resident of Jadepur, was married to the daughter of Lallan Shukla, a resident of Mohni Nivada, a neighboring village. Lallan has only three daughters, out of which two are married. His nephew Sunil started living with Lallan during his lifetime. Sunil was married to the sister of Shivam Dubey, nephew of Vikas Dubey. After Lallan’s death, Sunil claimed that his maternal uncle had donated six and a half bighas of land to him before his death. On this basis, Sunil had also got the deed of the land done in his name.

Rahul Tiwari has challenged this deed in the court. Vikas Dubey’s intention on the land worth crores also got spoiled and this became the biggest reason for the Bikru incident. According to Rahul, if the officials want, the dispute over his land can also end, but no one is conducting the hearing.

issue still not resolved

After the gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in the encounter, all those land disputes ended, for which allegations and counter-allegations were going on in the cases for years. However, see the coincidence that while the district administration went ahead and ended the disputes of other lands, the issue of that land, for which so many lives were lost, is still entangled. Rahul Tiwari is in possession of that land. But, the land is still in the name of Shivam Dubey’s brother-in-law Sunil.

The dispute over these lands ended

There were many land disputes related to Vikas Dubey, in which the land worth five crores of Siddheshwar Pandey, principal of Tara Chandra Inter College, was the most important. Now again the ownership of this land has come to the Pandey family. Vikas Dubey had encroached six bighas of land of Santosh Mishra of Shivli 20 years ago. Now this land has also been given to them. Similarly, on the pretext of loan, Vikas Dubey had taken possession of Munna Yadav’s seven bighas of land. Out of this, he has got back four bighas of land and he has filed a case in the court to get back the land which he had given in the name of development.

43 accused in jail in the whole case

In the main case of Bikru incident, 36 accused were made, out of which only Khushi Dubey got bail. Along with this, only three of the 11 accused have got bail in other cases related to Bikru incident. In the entire case, 43 accused are still in jail. Just after the Bikru incident, Vikas Dubey’s close friend Jai Vajpayee was arrested by the police. Jai Vajpayee had arranged three vehicles to abscond Vikas and his henchmen. Along with this, he also provided cash and live cartridges.

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