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Bill Clinton ‘bagman’ provides evidence of sex trafficking

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Bill Clinton ‘bagman’ provides evidence of sex trafficking

Following publication of this report, based on, where Chris Spargo claimed Doug Bank spoke with the criminal investigators from the Southern District of New York in December last year on the titled matter, we received a letter from Bo Pearl of Paul Hastings stating:  We represent Doug Band. It has come to our attention that a digital story, “Bill Clinton ‘bagman’ provides evidence of sex trafficking” was published by Weekly Blitz on March 9, 2021. Mr. Band never met with or spoke to criminal investigators from the Southern District of New York regarding Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell. Nor has Mr.Band been asked to provide evidence, received a subpoena, or spoken with anyone working on the Epstein/Maxwell investigation. Any assertion to the contrary is objectively and verifiably false. It is also malicious and defamatory. Radar Online was also notified of the falsity of its allegations, and subsequently retracted the story. That letter is

As the main source has already retracted the story, we also are doing the same, assuming the content was not based on facts.

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