Birmingham resident complains about Ghamkol Sharif mosque


A resident of Birmingham namely Iqbal Ajmal (Wadi) recently sent an email to this newspaper stating: “Dar Ul Uloom Islamia is currently being investigated by the Charity Commission. In December 2022, an interim manager was appointed into the charity. Her name is Virgina Henley.

“It has now surfaced that Saffa Mir, who is supervised by Virginia, knows the personnel of Dar Ul Uloom Islamia Rizwia. People are worried that this is a conflict of interest and may lead to an unfair decision. How can this firm be involved in investigating the charity?

“The Charity Commission said this to me this morning which is complete corruption! They are admitting that Saffa Mir knows the personnel being investigated but they don’t think it is a conflict of interest. That is corruption!”

Iqbal Ajmal further wrote: “The Ghamkol Sharif Mosque is being investigated by the Charity’s Commission for numerous issues, including but not limited to the trustees taking private advantage of the charity, the trustees being involved in financial misconduct, the trustees providing false statements to the charity’s commission, and the trustees committing misconduct and mismanagement with donations.

“An Interim Manager named Virigina Henley (HCR Law firm) was appointed at the Mosque, in December 2022, to conduct a review of the governance and management and then report back to the Charity’s Commission. It is now come to light that Virgina Henley works with Saffa Mir (HCR Law firm) and she has helped Virginia in reviewing the Mosque.

“Many beneficiaries are mortified with this revelation because Saffa Mir knows some of the personnel who are connected to the mosque. People have complained to the Charity Commission and said that this is a clear case of conflict of interest, however the Charity Commission has said that they do not feel it is, despite Saffa Mir knowing the personnel of the Charity. The Charity’s Commission appear to be involved in some level of corruption in this matter.

“Saffa Mir is also a speaker at Cage and Mend events, both organizations are known to be very controversial”.

Following receipt of the above email, we asked several questions to Iqbal Ajmal and he subsequently has responded. Here are our questions and Ajmal’s replies:

Blitz: Yes, we are fully aware that Ghamkol Sharif Mosque is under investigation. Here are some links to our previous reports. But, how can you prove that Saffa Mir has helped Virgina Henley in reviewing the mosque?

Iqbal Ajmal: According to the Operational Guidelines of the Charity Commission, an Interim Manager’s team helps him/her during investigations. In this post, Saffa says that Virigina is her supervisor. It is a conflict of interest for anyone in the Interim Manager’s circle and team to know anyone they are investigating!

Blitz: As you have said, people have complained to the Charity Commission. Who are those ‘people’?

Iqbal Ajmal: Beneficiaries of the Charity including me.

Blitz: You have stated, “Saffa Mir is also a speaker at Cage and Mend events, both organizations are known to be very controversial”. We need specific evidence to prove Cage and Mend events are controversial.

Iqbal Ajmal: Jewish Chronicle says earlier this year, Mend joined up with Cage — a campaign group widely accused of having sympathized with terrorists, including Isis killer Jihadi John.

Blitz: In you email you have said, “The Charity’s Commission appear to be involved in some level of corruption”. What evidence do you have to prove Charity Commission is involved in “some level of corruption”?

Iqbal Ajmal: The Charity Commission said that even though she may know personnel it does mean she is impaired. In court, if a jury knows the defendant then that jury will be struck off. This should be the same case here. Why will Saffa not want to help her friends?

Blitz could not independently verify identity of Iqbal Ajmal as he did not provide any address or contact number.

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