BJP MLA will campaign for Chhattisgarh elections, name of Arjun’s son Pawan Singh also included in the list


Pawan Singh, MLA son of MP Arjun Singh, who left BJP in West Bengal and joined Trinamool, will take part in the election campaign for BJP in Chhattisgarh. Arjun, the BJP MP from Barrackpore, joined the Trinamool last year, but his son Pawan remained with the BJP. Although his father left the party, he remained in the BJP. This time the BJP parliamentary party has decided to send Pawan to other states for the assembly election campaign.

Shubhendu instructed to prepare the list of MLAs

BJP leader Shubhendu Adhikari has recently received a directive from the BJP central leadership. According to which BJP MLAs will have to be sent for campaigning in Chhattisgarh. After receiving that instruction, Shubhendu asked BJP parliamentary party chief whip Manoj Tigga to prepare a list of MLAs who are going to participate in the campaign. Significantly, along with Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh will also vote for the assembly in November. Preparations have started from the BJP side. In such a situation, it has been decided to call the BJP MLAs of West Bengal for campaigning in Chhattisgarh.

MLA Pawan Singh will campaign in Chhattisgarh

Significantly, Arjun’s MLA son Pawan Singh was told by BJP leader Shubhendu Adhikari that he should go for election campaign in Chhattisgarh. BJP MLA from Bhatpara has agreed to the point of Shubhendu Adhikari. The table of other BJP MLAs is also being prepared.

Names of 27 MLAs included in the table

BJP MLA Pawan Singh says that I am the MLA of the party. I will follow the instructions given by the party. Wherever the campaign is sent, I will go there. I have been asked to go to Chhattisgarh, so I will go and campaign for the elections. According to BJP parliamentary party sources, a total of 27 MLAs will be sent to Chhattisgarh. Apart from Pawan Singh, Agnimitra Pal, Asim Sarkar, Biman Ghosh, Sushant Ghosh, Parthasarathi Chatterjee, Shankar Ghosh, Ashok Dinda, Manoj Oran are also in that list.

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