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Davin N Robinson

Blitz, the only newspaper in Asia that is recognized by the West as an authentic source of information, has signed an agreement with the International Media Organization, Project Syndicate. Currently, the only other newspapers in Bangladesh the Project Syndicate is working with are The Daily Star and Financial Express.

Project Syndicate (PS) was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters in Prague of Czech Republic. “The World’s Opinion Page” is the motto of the organization admired by many prominent politicians, scholars, policymakers and business leaders around the world. PS works with 506 media outlets in 156 countries; the organization delivers top-notch commentaries and analysis, that come from various heads of states (like the incumbent Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe), Nobel laureates, academic specialists and even grassroot campaigners, on various global topics.

Henceforth, Blitz is going to start publishing articles provided by Project Syndicate, which had never been published by any other Bangladeshi newspaper. Blitz will publish contents that other newspapers in South Asia do not publish- articles that defend the State of Israel, Judaism, Zionism, denounces antisemitism and holocaust denial. Blitz is known globally for its unique and strict editorial policy for which this newspaper never publishes any content against Judaism, Zionism or the State of Israel. Currently, Blitz desists from writing anything on issues in the South-East Asia due to the very polarized political situation in the region. Blitz has an unfaltering stand against political, radical Islam and Islamic militancy, and wholeheartedly defends the Land of the Zion and Jerusalem and the newspaper operates from Bangladesh- the 4th largest Muslim country in the world (in terms of population)!

South Asia is home to around 460 million Muslims. In this region, all the newspapers (including a section of Israeli press) feel subdued by the menace and barking of radical Islamists and hesitate uttering a single word that defends Jews and Zionists and confronts Holocaust denial. However, Blitz strongly defends the religious minority groups in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world, and gallantly publishes contents which other newspapers in South Asia, let alone Bangladesh, do not dare publishing.

Although Jews have a formidable position in global economy and the technological world, Jews and Zionists still get little or no support from media. Blitz has constantly been trying since 2003 to break this wall of isolation.

Blitz exposes the sinister motives of political Islamists and for this the Editor of the newspaper, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, has faced charges of treason, sedition and blasphemy and had faced 7 years of rigorous imprisonment. Blitz office in Dhaka was also bombed by militant Islamist groups in 2006.

Blitz has signed an agreement with the HT (Hindustan Times) Syndication since 2009. These agreements will increase Blitz’s global readership and subsequently the voice of Israel and the Zionists will reach to more people across the world. HT syndication works with more than 800 news agencies, newspapers and news portals around the world, including Reuters, Fox News etc.

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