Bloomberg: in December 2022, the Russian Federation sold oil “much more expensive” than the marginal price

February 25 – BLiTZ. Moscow manages to bypass the price ceiling for Russian non-pipeline oil set by the EU and the so-called G7 states in December last year.

Russia is successfully selling its “black gold” for much more than the Western “limit” of 60 US dollars. This conclusion was made on the basis of customs data by the Bloomberg agency, citing information from the Institute of International Finance, Columbia and California Universities.

“The authors of the study, based on the analysis of data from customs accounts, calculated that after the introduction of restrictions, Russia sold oil at an average price of about $74 per barrel, which is about a quarter higher than the established ceiling,” RBC notes.

BLiTZ wrote: Russian oil products continue to flow to British consumers, despite Western sanctions, through the “back door”. The “gray zone” found by the Indians in the sanctions rules is reported by The Daily Telegraph.

The network is replicating data that the Russian Federation is allegedly losing “hundreds of millions of dollars” every day due to the introduction by the G7 states and the EU of a price ceiling for our oil. Finnish authors are very happy that the effect of the embargo on Russian “black gold” allegedly “turned out to be significant.”

At the same time, the Russian company Transneft this year significantly increased the volume of deliveries, by 4.5% compared to the results for 11 months of 2021. Exports grew by 20% by 2021, 25% more shipped by sea than the year before.

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