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BNP-Jamaat looks for ‘big event’, plots murder of Hindu leaders

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BNP-Jamaat looks for ‘big event’, plots murder of Hindu leaders


For the last several days, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has been holding series of close-door meetings, which had been attended by its fugitive leader Tarique Rahman via Zoom from London. During these meetings, Tarique had asked the party-men to take preparation for beginning a “massive movement” against the Awami League government “immediately after a big event”. Meanwhile, BNP leaders have been maintaining regular contacts with Jamaat-e-Islami, Hefazat-e-Islam and other Islamist parties as well as jihadist forces such as Ansar al Islam, Hizbut Tahrir and Hizbul Mujahedin.

Following the October 14 incident in Comilla district, BNP-Jamaat men made frantic bids in cashing this as a tool of inciting communal violence in the country. But their evil attempts were foiled due to effective measures takes by the government.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said tough action would be taken against the perpetrators, regardless of their religion. Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) troops were deployed in 22 districts across the country alongside Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

Sheikh Hasina said the people involved in vandalizing Hindu temples must face exemplary punishment, calling upon all to work in unison and remain vigilant to stop recurrence of such heinous acts.


“Those who carried out such incidents will definitely be traced out as we did in the past”, she said.

Prime Minister said, steps were taken by now and exemplary punitive actions awaited the perpetrators of the temple vandalism so none could dare repeat such heinous acts in future.

Sheikh Hasina called the Cumilla (Comilla) incident “very unfortunate”, saying it was aimed at hampering the nation’s journey forward and added that extensive investigations were underway into the matter.


“We’re getting much information (regarding the incident). This is an era of technology and those involved in the incident will definitely be tracked down with the use of the technology”, she added.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the people irrespective of caste, creed and religion in Bangladesh celebrate all festivals together as “religion is for individuals and festival is for all”.


“We enjoy every festival together”, she said but added that few elements were out to destroy the spirit with a communal hatred.

“Some people are religiously blind and they always want to create communal conflicts. These people belong not only to the Muslim community, but belong to other religious faiths as well”, the premier said.


Being satisfied with the prompt actions taken by Bangladesh government, Indian foreign ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi told reporters, “We have seen some reports of attacks on religious gatherings in Bangladesh. We note that the Bangladesh government has reacted strongly to it”.

Heinous plot of murdering of Hindu leaders

According to a source, fugitive BNP leader Tarique Rahman has suggested his party men, Awami League government’s image can only be tarnished if there can be attacks on Hindus in the country and if several Hindu leaders are killed. He also emphasized on using religion card by inciting communal riot and giving instigation to anti-India sentiment in the country.


When a senior BNP leader drew attention of Tarique and other party leaders stating, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is getting increasing international support and appreciation for drastically improving Bangladesh’s socio-economic status, for which Bangladesh is seen by the international community as a rising economic star, Tarique Rahman said, such achievement should be demonized with full vigor by using social media platforms and YouTube channels.

He said “Awami League’s image can be totally destroyed if we effectively accelerate our propaganda against them”.

Tarique Rahman has called upon his party leaders to pay attention to media campaign as well as pursue Western policymakers through “powerful” lobbyists.



Tarique said, for BNP, 2023 general elections would be a matter of “life and death” and they need to start “activities” from January 2022 eyeing on the 2023 general elections.

The convicted and fugitive BNP leader said, his men were already working on making documentaries and pamphlets against Awami League, which would be distributed amongst international media outlets from the beginning of next year.

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