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BNP mini-boss was receiving monthly payment from notorious terrorist Kala Jahangir


BNP mini-boss was receiving monthly payment from notorious terrorist Kala Jahangir

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Second-in-command of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Tarique Rahman, who has been living in the United Kingdom skipping numerous criminal charges and convictions in Bangladesh was receiving a monthly payment from notorious terrorist Kala Jahangir during the rule of BNP from 2001-2006. According to an inner-circle source of Tarique, the spoilt son of Khaleda Zia, the then Prime Minister was also directly involved into the smuggling of gold, drugs, and arms. A group of his comrades, who were known in the administration as the confidante of the “Prince” were shuttling between Dhaka and Dubai almost every week and were bringing in gold bars, which were later smuggled out to India.

The source said, Kala Jahangir was operating illegal activities such as extortion, contract murder, dealing in arms in Bangladesh through his own cadres and was considered untouchable by the members of the law enforcing agencies as he had direct blessings from Tarique. In exchange for such “generous support” from the BNP leader, Kala Jahangir was paying over five million Takas to Tarique each month. Similarly, those band of smugglers of infamous Hawa Bhaban were paying millions of Takas every month. Tarique Rahman’s “best friend” Giasuddin Mamun was coordinating the receipt of such payments. It may be mentioned here that, Tarique Rahman and Giasuddin Mamun are rumored to be gays.

The 400 suitcases mystery:

In 2006, at the very end of the tenure of BNP government, the then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia carried 400 pieces of luggage to Saudi Arabia under the pretense of performing umrah. It was later learnt from credible sources that each of the suitcases was filled with bundles of cash foreign currency, which the family members of the BNP boss had first taken to Saudi Arabia and later had transferred to various countries.

It is also learnt that Tarique Rahman was maintaining dozens of hidden offshore bank accounts with his “partner” Giasuddin Mamun. In 2007, following his arrest, Mamun had told his interrogators that he was a “fifty percent” in the BNP government while his “partner” Tarique was fifty percent. Mamun also admitted to his interrogators about having sexual relations with Tarique and admitted that both were homosexuals.

Tarique-Mamun’s Khwab:

In Gazipur district, just 20-25 kilometers from the Dhaka city, Tarique Rahman and his “partner” Giasuddin Mamun has established a pleasure house named Khwab (Dream), which became the epicenter of sexual perversion of Tarique Rahman and few members of his inner circle. Almost every month, cabaret dancers and sex workers were brought into this infamous place from India, Egypt, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Thailand and even the United States. Members of the law enforcing agencies were particularly instructed to guard this pleasure house and ensure almost imposing curfew when Tarique Rahman was visiting Khwab, mostly during very late hours of the night and spending time either with girls or his “partner” Mamun.

Tarique gave shelter to criminals:

During the rule of BNP, Tarique Rahman was giving shelter to notorious criminals, smugglers, money launderers, extortionists and top corrupts in exchange of monthly payment. His younger brother, Arafat Rahman Koko too was involved into massive corruption and even extortion. The then prime minister Khaleda Zia was fully aware of such illegal activities of her son, but she could not protest as Tarique Rahman and Giasuddin Mamun had almost blackmailing the prime minister of leaking her “secret marriage” with one of her top aides. It may be mentioned here that, Khaleda Zia had married her one of her top aides and a very controversial and corrupt individual secretly in Saudi Arabia. The secret ceremony was organized by the Saudi royals.

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