Bob Cutter violated the rules for carrying luggage on a plane from Canberra

                        March 10 - BLiTZ.  Bob Cutter is an Australian politician.  Today, a man caused a mess at the check-in desk at the airport.  He violated the rules, as he carried bulky luggage into the cabin of the aircraft, and did not leave it for transportation in the appropriate place.  He responded to the questions and dissatisfaction of the administration, stating that he was hard of hearing.  This was reported by the publishing house "Lenta".

The plane was flying from Canberra. The front desk staff told the policy that luggage had to be checked in at the office, however, he did not want to comply with these rules. The man tried to justify his behavior with secret documents in his luggage.

                        The SBU accused the ex-heads of the Antonov company of obstructing the actions of the military March 10, 2023 at 19:41                      

Photo: IA SM-News

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