BPSC: Advertisement for the appointment of 1.70 lakh teachers in three days, vacancies in 3 categories, know when the exam will be held


BPSC Teacher Recruitment: In two-three days, BPSC will issue an advertisement for the appointment of 1.70 lakh teachers. In the press conference on Monday, the chairman of the commission, Atul Prasad told that three months will be given to the examinees to prepare and this examination will be taken after 15th of August. BPSC has so far received vacancies for three categories of primary, secondary and higher secondary school teachers. That’s why the process of their appointment is being started now. The appointment of middle school teachers will be considered when the requisition comes for them.

There will be no negative marking in the qualifying language paper

At present, the question paper of the qualifying paper of the language taken for the appointment of teachers of all the three categories will be the same. There will be no negative marking, the qualifying marks for 25 marks in English and 75 marks in Hindi, Bangla and Urdu will not be separate and they will have to bring 30 marks out of 100 coordinatedly. It will be necessary to qualify only in this paper and even after getting more than 30% marks, it will not be included in the merit list. However, the question paper of the mains paper will be different for all the three categories and there will be negative marking. Candidates will be finally selected on the basis of their marks.

There will be one application for all categories

There will be a single application for the appointment of teachers of all categories. Any applicant can apply for all the three posts or for two posts simultaneously, if he fulfills the desired eligibility conditions. Teacher appointment exam will be for four days. In this, on the first day there will be a compulsory qualifying language paper exam in which all the candidates will sit together. On the other three days, there will be examination for the main paper of all the three categories, in which applicants will appear according to the options given in their application.

Aadhaar will have to be given along with the application

Aadhaar number of the candidates will also be taken along with the application. Those who do not have Aadhaar will have to give biometrics along with their application. The candidate’s Aadhaar or given biometric will be matched at the center. During this, his facial recognition and iris capture will also be done. Along with this, the candidates will also be searched properly and if the candidate is found involved in any kind of wrongdoing, he will be debarred from appearing in any upcoming examination to appear in the Commission for five years. Jammer will be installed at every center to neutralize mobile or any electronic network.

Can be called at the center even three hours before

The BPSAC chairman told that since it is a phased examination, the final selection of the candidates will be done from this. Therefore, more strictness will be followed in this than in the normal PT exam. Candidates are called to the examination center two hours before the PT exam and entry is closed one hour before. But in this examination, candidates can be called to the examination centers three hours before and their entry can be closed two hours before so that they can be searched properly and biometric matching can be done.

Shield question papers will be opened in front of the candidates only

The shielded question papers of the examination will be opened in the examination hall in front of the candidates and the same will be sealed again after the examination so that the possibility of manipulation can be removed.

have to choose only one subject

A candidate shall have to choose only one subject for one category of examination whether Primary, Secondary or Senior Secondary, though he may change his subject for different categories and may choose a subject in Primary and a subject in Secondary or Senior Secondary. Can take any other subject in higher secondary.

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Home division will be given to women and disabled

Atul Prasad said that efforts will be made to give examination centers to women and disabled candidates in their home district or in their home division if there is no space in it. Along with this, seats will be allotted to the Divyangs only on the ground floor of the examination center so that they do not face any kind of inconvenience.

In case of equal marks of the candidates, the age limit will be the basis of selection for this examination, because in the event of a tie-break in general examinations, the subject is made the first basis of selection, but there should be no separation of subject and general studies papers. Because of this, the age limit will be the basis of selection and preference will be given to those who are older. In case of a tie, the order of the first alphabet of the name in Devanagari will be made the basis of selection.

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