Bride sitting on bonnet of Tata Safari, police fined 17 thousand, girl’s pre wedding reel being trolled


Lucknow : Sangam city Prayagraj is once again in headlines. This time the hobby of a bride’s pre-wedding reel forced the police so much that it was forced to impose a fine of thousands of rupees. The bride broke the law twice, the police also showed no mercy in taking action in both the incidents. Under traffic rules, a fine of Rs 17,000 was imposed on the bride. The police has imposed a fine of Rs 15,500 for shooting a video while sitting on the bonnet of a Tata Safari car. A penalty of Rs 1500 has been imposed for driving a two-wheeler (scooty) without a helmet.

Car register in the name of Saurabh, Allapur resident bride

A photo of Prayagraj is becoming very viral on social media. In this, a bride is seen sitting on the bonnet of Tata Safari. It is said that the car is registered in the Transport Department in the name of some Saurabh Kumar. On the other hand, the bride (girl) making the reel sitting on the bonnet is Varnika Chowdhary living in Allapur. However, Prabhat Khabar does not confirm the veracity of the viral video.

In excess of marriage, made a reel by sitting on the bonnet of a moving vehicle, the traffic police had to pay a fine of fifteen and a half thousand, this is the case of Prayagraj pic.twitter.com/lRjwiEmvR0

— gyanendra shukla (@gyanu999) May 21, 2023

reached the church sitting on the bonnet of the car

According to the information received from social media, the bride is doing pre-wedding photo-video shoot on the wedding day. She reached the stone church sitting on the bonnet of the Tata Safari car. After this he drove the scooty without wearing a helmet. This act of this bride making her reel with car and scooty went viral on social media as well. After the photo and video went viral on social media, the police swung into action.

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