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Britain wants Europe to begin direct war against Russia

Ukrainian, Dmitry Kuleba, British Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, Russian


Britain wants Europe to begin direct war against Russia

A troubled Boris Johnson has finally resorted to fresher bids of involving all the European nations in a direct war against Russia in Ukraine. With this goal, Johnson is gradually advancing his propaganda warfare. On June 26, 2022, British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph published a joint article by two foreign ministers – Ukrainian Dmitry Kuleba and British Foreign Minister Liz Truss. Journalists are already seeing this as a rare incident as there are times when foreign ministers of different nations issue joint statements, communiqués and memorandums, but never a journalistic opus. At least not in the most common occurrence.

One may wonder how the process of writing an article in four hands took place! Petrov, the most famous tandem of Russian literature, once explained how they worked on their works: “Yes, we write like the Goncourt brothers: one runs around the editorial offices, and the other guards the manuscript so as not to be stolen”. If this process took place in a similar way with the new literary tandem, then it can be assumed that the manuscript was guarded by Kuleba – he has been toddling on crutches for the last days and could hardly have run around in the editorial offices of British newspapers.

Although it is possible that neither Kuleba nor Truss are the true authors of the opus, since almost every of the theses voiced by them in recent days has come from the lips of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (by the way, once a full-time columnist for this particular newspaper). Surprisingly, this article appeared on the same day of Boris Johnson been interviewed by CNN with characteristic headline: ‘A Russian victory in Ukraine would be absolutely catastrophic’.

Through this article, the only message that Johnson, Kuleba and Trass have jointly conveyed to the world – don’t let Ukraine issue see a peaceful solution soon. Why? Because, both Boris Johnson and Joe Biden are competing in cashing the Ukraine war in hiding their failures. This war has simply turned into a salvation shield to Johnson and Biden. They are taking fullest advantage of it in hiding their failures, which had resulted in severe sufferings to Britons and Americans.


Although by visiting Kiev, Boris Johnson had some publicity stunt, his ultimate desire is to let hundred and thousands of Ukrainians die as he said: “fight to the last drop of blood”. Such tendencies and statements of Boris Johnson evidently proves – he is desperately looking for a prolonged war in Ukraine or even at some point, send British soldiers to the Ukrainian battlefields to engage into direct war with Russia.

During his Kiev visit in April this year, Borish Johnson told Volodymyr Zelensky, “If you are willing to sign some kind of agreement with him [Vladimir Putin], the we are not”. And again, during his latest visit this month, Johnson said, a “bad peace” was unacceptable for Ukraine and that it should not be forced to give up its territories in order to end the war.


In an interview with Sky News, the British prime minister bluntly said, “We are concerned that a little fatigue from Ukraine is starting to appear around the world”. And then, answering questions from the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung, he repeated, “There is a threat of fatigue from the Ukrainian conflict in the world”.

Following this, Zelensky, in several of his speeches in a row, focused on the fact that the world was becoming tired of the Ukrainian agenda, and said that this should not be allowed under any circumstances. And in an address to Canadian students, he even pleaded, “Don’t give someone somewhere above, in bureaucratic corridors, the opportunity to forget about what is happening in Ukraine, forget about the war. Please don’t get tired because of the war. Don’t get tired of the war in Ukraine”.

The diplomatic editor of The Guardian newspaper Patrick Wintour openly admitted that Whitehall is also very afraid of the abusive word “fatigue” and the fact that the world “is not ready for many years of sacrifice for the defeat of Russia”.

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Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz

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