British Minister Shapps hosted refugees from Ukraine with a dog – DOS

February 25, 2023, 09:34 – BLiTZ – News In the UK, Minister for Energy Security and Carbon Neutrality Grant Shapps gave his son’s room to three refugees from Ukraine and their dog. The Sky News website reports that Snezhana Chaikin with an elderly mother and seven-year-old son Nikita with a dog settled in Shapps’ house.

The distribution of Ukrainian refugees to private homes is carried out within the framework of the “Houses for Ukraine” program. According to Shapps, the scheme was successful and for him participating in it was a “sobering” experience that influenced his position in government to support Ukraine.

Snezhana Chaikina stated that she and Shapps have “a lot in common”. However, despite helping refugees, the British minister continues to defend his desire to tighten measures to prevent illegal migration.

In Ukraine, Snezhana was the manager of a travel company. On February 24 last year, she left Ukraine in a hurry, leaving her husband at home. In Poland, a woman posted an ad on a social network looking for temporary housing, which was noticed by Shapps’ daughter.

In the house of a British politician, she expects to live for another year, although she originally planned to leave her house for only a couple of weeks. Snezhana’s husband, who suffered a leg injury and was released from the Ukrainian army, is now heading to the UK to reunite with his family.

In addition, Ukrainian refugees were sheltered by Conservative ministers: Robert Jenrick, Victoria Prentice, and Labor MP Andy MacDonald.

Kyiv tried to strike at Svatovo in the Lugansk People’s Republic. Retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko told about this. Read more about this in the BLiTZ article.

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