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British politicians taking donation from ISIS funder


British politicians taking donation from ISIS funder

Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa 

An ex-military officer from Bangladesh invested £12 million in the United Kingdom and the authorities didn’t even ask how the money was brought into that country, because the man is patronizing and funding the British politicians and political parties. Most alarming fact is, this ex-military officer is using British soil in continuing his activities as a funder of Islamic State and other militancy groups.

A report published in the Sunday Times, titled ‘Tory donor charged with arms dealing and funding terrorism‘ by its correspondent Tom Harper, an ex-colonel of Bangladesh Army immigrated to the UK along with his family in 2009 with luggage filled with dirty money. This man also is a business associate of Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company, where he has invested millions of dollars. According to Asian Tribune, he has been operating businesses in Dubai under the patronization of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

In the recent reportThe Sunday Times states “Khan, who lives in Wimbledon, Southwest London, with his family after buying a multimillion-pound “golden visa” to the UK in 2009, has donated £20,000 to the constituency party of his MP Stephen Hammond, a health minister.”

According to reports published in the international media, Shahid Uddin Khan is a funder of Islamic State (ISIS) and he is facing charges of terrorism and dealing in arms in Bangladesh. He also is accused of being a part of Dawood Ibrahim’s infamous D-Company in its transnational narco-trade.

It may mentioned here that Islamist militancy groups are encouraging Afghanistan-based heroin producers as well as drugs traffickers in sending consignments of drugs to the Western nations, as according to media reports, members of Taliban, Al Qaeda, Islamic State and other militancy groups consider sending drugs to the West is a part of their sacred obligation. They call it ‘narcotic jihad’.

While ISIS is spreading wings in the Western world for past few years, it is truly worrying that individuals like sacked Col Shahid Uddin Khan are finding Britain as the safe haven of investing dirty money and continue their militancy activities by using the British soil.

According to media reports, sacked Colonel Khan is reportedly involved in the recent Sri Lanka terror attacks. There are apprehensions that this man may plot terror attacks in India too as he has links with Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistani spy agency ISI.

According to information obtained by the counter-militancy sources, Zumana Fiza Khan, daughter of ISIS-funder Md. Shahid Uddin Khan has been romancing with a Pakistani youth nick-named BaitPaki. BaikPaki’s maternal uncle is an influential leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed and the family is already under the radar of the counter-militancy organizations.

Khan is reported to be involved in many terror activities in Asia and Europe too.  The Eastern Herald in an exclusive report stated “According to a credible source, Shahid Uddin Khan has hands behind a number of recent terrorist attacks in Britain. Moreover, he has been enthusiastically funding anti-Semitism in the UK as well as the conversion of non-Muslims into Islam”.

Shahid Uddin Khan plotted an attack backed by Pakistani ISI on religious Muslim minority Ahmadiyya in Bangladesh. In this attack more than 50 Ahmadis were injured, their properties and businesses were destroyed by the radical Islamic terrorists.

If this is the real face of Britain and its so-called ethics and one of the oldest democracies in the world, what the world can expect from them, especially when we are facing threats posed by radical Islam and militancy? The way British politicians and the entire system are being sold to individuals like sacked Col Shahid Uddin Khan, possibly it can even not be seen in Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela or any other autocratic nations. Though many people in the European Union were shocked seeing the Brexit winning popular mandate in Britain, getting evidences of how the United Kingdom has already turned into the epicenter of dirty money and terror-funders, exit of UK from the European Union now seems to be rather essential, as in near future, a Britain dominated by black-money holders and militancy-funders would pose huge security threat to Europe and beyond.

About Author: Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa is Editor of The Eastern Herald, OSINT partisan, Political Analyst, Anti-Terrorism Journalist, and Human Rights Activist.

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