British Sun newspaper features faces of abducted Israeli children


The front page of Thursday’s edition of the British Sun newspaper will feature the faces of 32 Israeli children who were abducted by Hamas during its October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel.

“32 innocent children snatched by terrorists. This is why Israel must fight evil of Hamas. Bring them home”, the headline reads.

The Sun article publishes the names and photos of all 32 children and features the stories of some of them.

Early in the war, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph  featured a picture posted by the Israeli government of a baby murdered by Hamas terrorists.

The harrowing photo appeared on page 3 of the newspaper on October 13, and its front page featured the text that accompanied the Israeli government’s tweet of the photo.

“This is the most difficult image we’ve ever posted. As we are writing this we are shaking. We went back and forth about posting this, but we need each and every one of you to know. This happened”.

Commenting on the tweet by Sun, lots of people left their comments. Here are some of those comments:

Rolene Marks: This is a principled, moral stand. Thank you!

Oron Mozes: Finally, a newspaper that’s addressing what’s important. Thanks for taking the right side of history.

Roy Zuckerman: Can you relay this message to @BBCWorld? They seem to be under the impression these kids are on holiday.

JW: Three weeks without their parents. Many probably don’t even have families and home to return to.

Non Context: Now, here’s where things get murky. Hamas, the oppressive regime ruling Gaza, knowingly uses innocent Palestinian civilians as human shields. They intertwine military infrastructure with residential areas, schools, hospitals, and even mosques. It’s a despicable tactic of deception.

Avihay Halak: Outstanding. From the bottom of my heart I like to thank you for the support. I’ll never forget what you did for our children.

Ad Rav: Thank you The Sun for taking a brave stance against terror. Thank you for showing what’s right. As a Liverpool fan I don’t think I’ve ever said that before, and I will never forget this.

Hannah Ross: Thank you for this moving and necessary front page.

Phoenix Rising: Taking the children as hostages, is an act of cowardice & evil. Shame on Hamas & its supporters.

Zriza: Thank you for the support and for being a decent voice amongst all the hatred.

Daphne: Thank you! Standing up for what is right #BringThemHomeNow.

Emma Wein: Thank you @TheSun – finally a British newspaper on the right side of history.

Ann Onymous: Thank you @TheSun for being a light in such a dark time.

Igal Greenberg: We want our kids back. We love them all. Thank you for helping our kids.

Yuval Bustan: Thank you for standing with Israel. Thank you for standing with common sense.

Ilan Jelenkiewicz: Thank you for your support!!! From the bottom of my heart!

Ron Tager: Thank you @TheSun for your support! #HamasisISIS.

Noam Gavrielov: It is important to note that many of their parents were slaughtered by Hamas, so they are also newly orphans.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, German Federal Minister of the Interior and Homeland Nancy Faeser announced on November 2, 2023 the complete ban on activities of the Hamas and Samidoun terror organizations.

Samidoun was recognized as a terror organization by Israel several years ago. The organization, which claims its objective is to fight for “the Prisoners of Palestine”, is affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“As Federal Minister of the Interior, I am today banning the activities of HAMAS and Samidoun in Germany and dissolving Samidoun in Germany”, the Minister wrote on X.

Several months ago, Israel’s Ambassador to Germany, Ron Prosor, called on the European Union to blacklist the Samidoun organization as a terrorist organization after signs of the Samidoun organization calling for donations for Palestinian Arab terrorists who murdered Jews were hung in the heart of Berlin.

“The hateful antisemitism spread by groups like Samidoun is contrary to everything that German society has worked so hard to achieve. The fight against antisemitism is not the exclusive domain of Israel. It is the fight of every democratic and enlightened society. We must act today – before it is too late. I call on the German authorities and the European Union to ban the activities of these organizations and include them in the list of terrorist organizations”, said Prosor.

“I thank my friend, the mayor of Neukölln, Martin Hikel, whose firm stance against antisemitism and hatred of Israel deserves to be applauded. We must all stand united against hatred and violence. Together here from Neukölln, we send a message to Samidoun and all those who spread hatred, incitement, and antisemitism – you will not succeed”, he concluded.

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Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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