British writer criticizes publisher of children’s books for the pursuit of tolerance

February 25 – BLiTZ. In the UK, writer Imogen West-Knights has been blunt about Roald Dahl Story Company and Puffin, the publishers who own the rights to children’s classic Roald Dahl, are going to change the meaning of the works for the sake of tolerance, writes RIA News.

The publishers have previously released a statement that they are going to make “carefully considered changes” to the books, but in a way that still appeals to today’s kids. For example, the hero of the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Augustus Gloop will not be fat in the new interpretation, but simply “huge”, the publishers gave an example. Gender and race may also be adjusted.

According to West Knights, this is complete nonsense, since in the case of Dahl’s character, the whole story of the character just revolves around the fact that he is fat, and this is bad. And this is not about the type of physique, as proofreaders are trying to present.

In early February, Church of England officials said they were working on the possibility of using gender-neutral terms to refer to God.

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