Burger: German Foreign Minister Burbock will not avoid events involving Russia at the G20 meeting

March 1 – BLiTZ. The German Foreign Ministry said that Annalena Burbock would not try to leave the G20 meetings, where the Russian side would take part. This was reported to TASS with reference to the department of Germany.

After lengthy discussions, the FRG decided not to avoid Russia, even if they had to sit at the same table with her. With such statement on March, 1st the representative of Germany Christopher Burger has acted. Burbock’s main task will be to protect the platform from which information can be broadcast from the Russian side. According to Burger, Russia will try to take the floor at two meetings to talk about their propaganda.

Recall that White House Secretary Blinken firmly decided not to communicate and not maintain contact with the Russian Foreign Ministry represented by Sergei Lavrov. Earlier it became known that Vladimir Zelensky did not decide on a visit to the G20 summit.

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