Bus operators are flouting transport rules in Dhanbad, business of goods worth lakhs of rupees is happening every day


Dhanbad, Manoj Ravani : The height of any bus should not be more than 13 feet from the ground and the rule of not loading goods on their roofs is not valid in Dhanbad. Goods worth lakhs are being brought and taken here everyday by loading them on various buses. In public, laborers are seen loading goods on buses every evening and unloading them from different buses in the morning. On the other hand, the Transport Department says that doing so is illegal and there is a provision of Rs 20,500 fine for it. But usually the fine is not imposed. Not only transport, police and sales tax people are also aware of this illegal business, but no action is taken.

The situation is that the goods come here from Kolkata, Purnia, Bhagalpur or any other area and go to the concerned businessman. Most of the goods come from Kolkata. All this stuff comes on raw bill. Due to this, on the one hand, where there is a possibility of accidents of buses, on the other hand, there is a fear of smuggling of suspicious goods. The government is facing loss of revenue.

Which routes are preferred

Kolkata is the first choice of the businessmen of Dhanbad. All kinds of goods are brought from there to Dhanbad. The second area is Purnia and Bhagalpur. Food grains and mangoes and litchi are brought from here in this season.

Know how many buses on the Kamasut route

Bokaro to Howrah via Dhanbad: 6-7 buses

Dhanbad to Bhagalpur: 4 buses

Dhanbad to Asansol : 5 Bus

The game also happens in front of the DTO office

Be aware that there is a bus stand in front of the DTO office as well. Buses ply for every area from here too. Goods are loaded here every evening and unloaded in the morning, but no one sees anything.

says officer

DTO of Dhanbad Rajesh Kumar Singh said that there is a provision of fine of Rs 20 thousand 500 for bringing goods on the bus. Action is also taken. Action is taken on 20 to 30 buses every month.

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