Canada bans imports of steel and aluminum from Russia


Canadian authorities have decided to impose a ban on the import of Russian aluminum and steel. This was announced on March 10 in a document available online of the government, which contains amendments to the provision on “special economic measures”.

According to them, any person in Canada, as well as any Canadian outside the country, is now not allowed to “import, buy or acquire” from the Russian Federation, in particular, steel, iron, aluminum and products from it.

Earlier, on February 24, Canadian authorities imposed sanctions against 129 individuals and 63 organizations from Russia. The sanctions list also included the export of certain chemicals used in the production of electronics, as announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On the same day, the United States expanded the list of anti-Russian sanctions, supplementing it with restrictive measures against the metallurgical and mining sectors of the Russian economy. Restrictions also affected 22 individuals and 83 legal entities.

On February 27, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russia would prepare retaliatory sanctions against the restrictive measures imposed against the Russian Federation by the United States and Canada. It was noted that Russian counter-sanctions would continue to be built on the basis of the principles of strict reciprocity and the inevitability of punishment.

The European Union, in turn, adopted the 10th package of anti-Russian sanctions on February 25. The black list includes 121 individuals and legal entities, as well as new restrictions on imports and exports.

Western countries have stepped up sanctions pressure on Russia against the backdrop of a special military operation to protect the population of Donbass. The decision to start it was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region due to Ukrainian shelling.

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